4 Major Types Of Essay: Must Excel

Essay writing is one of the essential prerequisites for students at any academic institute. Each student merely possesses diverse skills and abilities to write their essays. But, ever wondered that there are numerous writing styles which you can adapt to express your narrative in an essay?

Don’t get tensed because it is not some rocket science to comprehend the significant essay writing variants. In fact, you will get more appreciation if you can write your essays in all the major essay writing types.

Sometimes, students are not familiar with all of the essay writing techniques, and they end up writing irrelevant or unnecessary content which ultimately affects the quality of their essays.

It is up to the student, to choose which type of essay writing is best suitable for their writing style and their essay’s theme. However, the rookie writers tend to face difficulties and mostly feel tensed about “who will write my essay for me UK?”


Following are the four essential types of essay writing which students must pursue in their academic career:

  1. Narrative Writing: 

    In narrative writing, students can express their essay’s content in a unique With this writing style, your readers will feel intrigued to read your essay with keen interest. Furthermore, if you are essay is based on a topic which can be better expressed in a story-telling manner then this writing style should be your ideal choice for your essays. However, the narrative must be constructive and creative when written.

  2. Expressive Writing: 

    In expressive writing, students can make readers delve into the essay’s narrative by making illustrative graphics and depictions. With such a writing style, you can easily connect your words with your illustrations. It is evident that any reader of your essays will readily comprehend the central idea of your topic if they are given an array of figures in your essays along with your narrative.

  3. Expository Writing: 

    In expository writing, the essay writers tend to support their essays with proofs and evidence of the facts which they will express in their essays. Moreover, there the idea cannot be assumed authentic if the writer is referring to an event or quote without providing the proper bibliography. It is always mandatory to provide adequate support to the content that you have written so that the readers are aware that whatever is written is factual and has its own

  4. Persuasive Writing: 

    In persuasive writing, the writers are supposed to express their personal views and opinions on the selected topic. In this writing style, the writers persuade the readers to their point of view on the subject, let it be in the favour or against. Moreover, the writer most propose their contentions and arguments in their composition to express their views regarding the questionability of the concerned topic which is selected for the essay.

Nevertheless, these are some of the fundamental types of essay writing, which students must consider when they are assigned essay writing topics by their teachers.



Gabriel Arnold

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