5+ Tips Which Will Help You to Ace a Scholarship Interview

For every student, receiving a scholarship is a great achievement because of the cost of education these days. There are so many brilliant students out there that could very well be amazing academically, but just do not have the funds to pursue any further education financially. It really is a sad situation, but luckily we have the options of certain funding. If you know from a young age that your parents cannot afford to send you to college or university, you have to start preparing early to receive that scholarship.

A great way to start preparing is to make conscious decisions every day. You need to focus on doing well academically to help you stand out. There is also lots of emphasis placed on doing well outside of school. Students who receive scholarships usually have something extra that distinguishes them from the rest. Maybe you can volunteer somewhere or simply write the best internship statement of purpose.

Here are 5 + tips to help you nail that scholarship interview

  1. Prepare

When you want to be successful in life, it is vital that you prepare. Going for any interview requires some level of preparation. You do not want to go into this without knowing what to expect and how you plan to respond. Look at sop for scholarship samples online and make sure yours line up with the best sop for scholarship samples you can find.

  1. Important documents

It would be a shame arriving at the interview without the required documents. This may result in you looking unprofessional and disorganized. Always make sure you have everything on hand, in case you are asked to present it. If the committee asks for something, be confident that you have brought it. Being organized is a good sign and a great way to present you to the world. This will also help you further in your studies and life thereafter.

  1. Dress appropriately

You do not have to go and buy the most expensive clothes to impress the panel. All you have to do is present yourself well when going for this interview. First impressions last and you want to make the best impression before you even start the interview. When you dress well, people treat you differently. I know that one should not be judged by appearance, but unfortunately this is how the world works. Make sure your clothes are neat and clean.

  1. Don’t be late

One thing that irritates many people is when time is wasted on someone being late. There are many students applying for the same scholarship as you and if you arrive late, it would be somewhat disrespectful to people’s time. Arrive about 5 minutes earlier to gather your thoughts before the interview. Make sure you give this interview the best you can to help you impress the panel and get that scholarship.

  1. Don’t be too early

This may seem contradictory to point 4, but it is also inappropriate to arrive too early. You want to get there a few minutes earlier, but sitting in the waiting room an hour earlier, can make everyone feel a little uncomfortable. This also gives you too much time to sit in silence and think about what could go wrong. You might mean well, but it is completely unnecessary. If you arrive at the venue early, perhaps find a spot outside and read through your notes.

Extra Tip

Instead of worrying about why you will not receive the scholarship, start believing in yourself. You have been called to this interview because there is something special inside of you and the committee would like to know more. If you go there with confidence, you have already won.


You have worked for this ability to interview and it should be something you feel good about. As long as you are prepared and on time looking presentable, all should go well. Keep in mind that this is not the end of the world and that there are lots of other opportunities that will come your way. Right now, you are going to do the best you can in this interview and then you are going to release it into the universe. What is meant for you will surely come your way and sometimes you just have to trust life. Good luck on this exciting new journey.



Annie Harrison

Annie Harrison is a content manager and an active guest post writer. She is an optimist and tries to change the world for better. Her hobby is writing, craft and traveling. Annie`s life credo is “Be yourself and stay positive”.