A Techie World How It Affect Our Child’s Development

Everyone knows this era we are on is the age of technology and media. As you look around you, you can see different kinds of computers. Technologies are everywhere. Almost everyone owns IPod; gone are the precious days of Gameboy.

Now it’s iPhone, now its iPod. Now it’s, you know; there are Facebook, YouTube, and social media almost everywhere. Now are the days where you go to different restaurants and your child whips out for the IPod. Look at it! What do you think is the effect of that onyour child’s development? Well, there is lot of impact for your child some are good for them, some are not.


Here’s how to sort the advantages and disadvantages of being a techno-tot.


Technology for young people can:

  • Fine motor skills. Pushing keys and moving mouse can give your child chubby hands and fingers same type of valuable workout they can get from doodling and finger painting. It can also hone your child’s eye-hand coordination. That will certainly pay off for years as your little ones learn to catch a ball, put together a tricky puzzle and use scissors.
  • Teach cause and effects. It is not a secret that our children love playing things that they can easily manipulate (that indeed a satisfying sense of control!) like that of pop-up books and anything with switches, buttons or levers. That is why your child and the computer can work together- they learned to dig it when searching and clicking on characters or an icon and – voila! – something indeed happened.



  • Not enough time for people around. It is true that computer games can be interactive, but it only works between the user and the screen. But children still need to interact with people around them. It is necessary to build their social skills and develop empathy and have a face-to-face fun! Also, there is never a chance educational software can compete with you in teaching department.
  • Not enough hands-on time. There is always a reason child touch and get almost everything they can see around them. It is their way of discovering the world around. Whether it is a simple way of shoveling sand into a pail( then dumping it again) or mixing dirt and water to create mud( try doing these on a computer screen). A hands-on approach to every child beats high-tech hands down.
  • Too much stimulation. It is easy for a child, preschooler, and a toddler, to be overwhelmed by all the sensory effects a computer can give them. Just, for instance, the loud sound effects, bold colors, flashing lights and endless action. Another problem you can encounter once your young child mix with a computer is their incapability of focusing on things without connection to computers. Once they are too dependent on the simulation of the computer, it will be a hard time for them to focus on much quieter pastimes, like reading books and drawing.

Before you decide on letting your child be dependent on computers, be aware of the effects it may give to your child.




Patrick has spend most of his life studying and discovering new things. A computer savvy.Football enthusiast and a traveller. He experienced working for several companies as a technical support and a hardware specialist.

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