How To Find More Time To Study?

 Being a student is not easy these days. You have to do so much with a limited amount of time. Even if you are a part-time student or a full-time student, finding enough time to study can be a difficult endeavour. However, there are ways and means to help you find a balance in your life. Managing your time efficiently will be the first step to help you squeeze more time out of your day, but the question remains, how do we do that?

Set up a timetable

Trying to do it all without a plan might just leave you overwhelmed, frustrated and scattered. Tackling any task without a set schedule can cause these emotions. Instead of trying to remember when to do what, why don’t you draw up a specific schedule? The key of course is to stick to this schedule. You will add routine and structure to your day and things will flow more smoothly this way. A schedule will also help you in avoiding procrastination because you will probably have some feelings of guilt every time you look at a task on your schedule.

Write down your goals

Having your goals written down has been proven to be more effective than simply having it in your head. When you write anything down, it becomes a commitment and even a contract between what you wrote down and your own self. If your goal is to achieve a certain score on your English test, you might work harder and find more time to study. We all have more time but not managing our time properly is where the stress occur. Having clear, set out goals will help you work harder because there is a level of measure ahead.

Stay organized

Nothing wastes time more than scrambling through your backpack for a pen or a pencil, only to realise you never packed it the night before. Having an organized routine will help you mentally as well as physically. Keep your study desk free from clutter and everything in its place. Make sure your stationery is exactly where you would expect it to be if you are in a hurry. Take some time out of your day and spend it organizing your life. This does not only apply to your student life, but your overall life. Even things like finding your one shoe can be a big time waster so make sure you take time to organize every aspect of your life.

Improve your language skills

Throughout school you will be required to write essays. It is important to focus on things like English grammar verbs. The reason why I am referring to verbs grammar is because this is sometimes overlooked and is so important. Use a verb checker to check your work and make sure it is done correctly. Check your spelling because you won’t have a spell checker in an exam room. Pay attention to mistakes you make often and try and correct and study the correct use before any upcoming tests or exams.

Plan ahead

Once a week sit down and plan your week. Take this time to work on your study schedule, gather all important documents and books for the week. Make sure you know which classes to attend when. List assignments due and go into detail about steps needed to complete each one. Do you need to do some research or pick up so books from the local library? Whatever needs to be done throughout your week can be pre-planned on this day. This will free so much time during the week because you have a plan and are not running around trying to figure out what is happening next.


These tips will not only help you with your studies, but also with life. You can take these habits with you and apply it at your workplace and home. Life in itself is a balancing act we all try to master. You can either go through life procrastinating and flustered or you can get organized and experience some flow and structure. Many have done it before and so will you. Don’t be afraid of the amount of work you have to get through. Instead, focus on the opportunity you have to prove to yourself that you are an intelligent, organized and dedicated person.



Annie Harrison

Annie Harrison is a content manager and an active guest post writer. She is an optimist and tries to change the world for better. Her hobby is writing, craft and traveling. Annie`s life credo is “Be yourself and stay positive”.