10 Hot Tech Online Courses You Should Take in October

One of the best things about autumn is that it allows spending more quality time at home. It can be hard to learn something new in summer, while the weather is amazing and we can spend every day outside. Autumn, however, is completely different: when days become shorter, colder and wetter, many of us find it easier to stay at home studying, picking up old hobbies.

Since digital learning became so popular these days,  many online learning platforms start their best courses in autumn when more people can join. If you want to devote your October to mastering some new tech skills, you might consider one of these 10 amazing online courses.


  • MIT courses.

MIT has its OpenCourseWare program, which is actually an amazing thing: it includes all courses ever opened on MIT’s main campus. If you are interested in high-quality tech education, you can check out one of these courses:

  • Information Technology Essentials;
  • Practical Information Technology Management;
  • Computer System Engineering;
  • Database, the Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies;
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.



  • Coursera online courses.

Coursera is one of the best platforms for distant learning. It allows studying both for free and for a fee: in the first case you receive only knowledge, in the second – a certificate too. Here’s what Coursera has to offer to you in October:

  • Data Visualization course;
  • Programming for Everybody (Python) course.


  • Harvard University courses.

Another opportunity for you to study in one of the best world’s universities without actually having to go there and to pay for your education. This October Harvard University offers only one course (Computer Science 50), which is amazing, by the way.


  • FutureLearn courses.

This online learning platform has prepared a crash course in programming for you. It is called “Begin Programming” and can teach you the basics of Java. You will learn while modifying a small game created for PCs and Android devices.


  • ALISON courses.


Is another platform that doesn’t run its own courses but collects the ones provided by other universities and schools, keeping them in one place for more convenience. This October it offers three interesting courses:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing;
  • Fundamentals of Network Security;
  • Multimedia Development.



  • OpenSAP courses.

This platform has only one course to offer. It is called “Driving business results with big data” and is created for those, who work in a SAP environment.


  • Microsoft Virtual Academy courses.

If you need to learn, why don’t you learn from the best? Microsoft offers you this opportunity, creating courses based on unique insider knowledge. Here’s what you can learn this October:

  • JavaScript for Experienced Developers;
  • Beginner Websites with Python and Flask.



  • Google Analytics Academy courses.

Another famous company that can help you gain valuable knowledge of Google Analytics, its tools and services. If you want to understand your website’s analytics better, try this course – it’ll definitely help.


  • The Open University courses.

The Open University offers its free courses through iTunes U. It has courses in many academic fields, but if you want to study tech ones, check the one called “Computing and ICT”: it introduces students to communication and information technologies, which are very different.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology courses.

This research university is famous for its tech programs. Lucky for you, it also offers a few useful courses for free. You can check out these two ones:

  • Advanced Operating Systems;
  • Computer Networking.

Of course, it is impossible to enroll in all courses available at once: you simply won’t be able to complete them successfully, getting the maximum of this opportunity. That’s why before applying to all of them take some time to think. First, come up with a few tech areas that interest you the most: maybe,  courses on programming mobile applications or web services, or general knowledge, etc. Second, choose the courses that relate to those areas. Third, compare their programs.

While all the courses presented here are definitely useful and interesting, not all of them are meant for beginners. If you don’t have any prior tech knowledge, choose the easiest ones, as you will be able to take more advanced ones later. If you are already experienced enough, try the ones that seem more challenging.

Moreover, some platforms like Coursera re-open their courses from time to time, so if you missed an application deadline, you can always apply to the next course. Remember this too while choosing the right course for you: some of them can be a rare opportunity that you need to seize and some of them can be repeating ones.

It’s recommended that you choosing a few courses even if you think that it would be easy. If you hadn’t taken online courses before, the experience will be unfamiliar and you might experience some troubles combining studying with your daily routine. Take one or two at a time: this way you won’t struggle much and remember everything better. Good luck!



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