11 Essential Tools That Turn Distance Learning into Pleasurable Process

One day soon distance learning is going to be the equal in every way of classroom learning. People will find it just as easy to talk to each other from different countries as they do today from different tables. Of course, that day isn’t quite here yet. There are still some snags and problems to distance learning, like communication between participants, as well as how to personalize it to your specific students.

That said, they aren’t half as insurmountable as many people make them out to be. To prove my point, here are a bunch of tools that will make distance learning a breeze for both you and your students, so that they’ll excel at more traditional schooling as well as some of the newer professions on offer today.

The Sloan Consortium

This community is a fantastic resource for you to get insights, ideas and tips about how to run online education. Not only that, but there are also many tools that will make it easier for you to start out or continue working in this sector as well, in case you want to build up your resume, for example.

Articulate Studio

This is a fantastic tool to help you author elearning course material. What’s more, the company’s blog is full of useful information about how to use this tool correctly, as well as broader concepts such as what is happening in the field, what technological changes are going on and solutions to the big problems that you’re likely to run into.


The folks over at MIT have done it again. They’ve created a great tool that will let you create stories, games and animations for your audience. Yes, it might have been designed for younger learners (between the ages of 8 through 16) but it can really be used by anybody and can be a great teaching tool for any ages.


This great tool allows you to more quickly grade essays and give more detailed and constructive feedback, thereby giving the students more opportunity to learn from their mistakes and what they did correctly, while costing you less time. Oh, and as an extra bonus it will also check for plagiarism, just in case that’s something you need to worry about

E-learning council

A very informative (in fact, very information dense) site that is all about bringing educators together and offering them information about the who, why and what for of elearning and distance learning. A great resource to get up to speed with what’s out there and what you should focus on.

Writing Services

Need high-quality text produced ASAP? Then check out the writing services out there. These can create high-quality texts and content at the snap of a finger. And why should students be the only ones to make use of this kind of service? Do note, different website have different website ratings, so make sure you actually pick one that is likely to bring you back high-quality content.


A very useful package that lets you turn your presentations into highly engaging content. People can zoom in, scan around and move along with what you’re telling them and as a result will have an easier time visualizing, understanding and remembering what you’re trying to teach them. Have you seen any really impressive presentations around the web lately? Chances are, that in that case you were looking at something done with Prezi.


Obviously, one of the hardest things to do online is keep all your information organized and accessible. That’s where LiveBinders comes in. This is like a three-ring binder where you can collect all your material, except that they’re online, where you can share it with anybody at any distance. Very useful!

Penn State Learning Design Community Hub

This is a great site where you can learn all that you need to about the developments and innovations in the elearning community. In fact, start here whenever you want to know what’s going on, as the quality is high and there is far less chance that the stuff you find here is being pushed by some vendor. Instead it’s all being submitted by users, who will tell you what’s really going on and what you should really focus on.

eLearning Brothers

This company specializes in giving you a lot of different choices in your elearning, by offering you templates, insights and blog posts galore. And they know what they’re talking about! Therefore, if you’re not sure where to start, there are far worse places to start then with these two (actual) brothers and what they’ve got to say. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


Don’t know how to write code? Then SmartBuilder might be for you. This software suite allows you to build your elearning courses. It is easy to learn and yet offers enough flexibility and possibilities that you will not feel yourself cornered into a certain structure. Definitely worth checking out.




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