5 Ways E-Learners Should Use Twitter

With the passage of time social media is growing in terms of popularity in the field of e-learning, there are several benefits of using it. Students, instructors and educational universities can share ideas; promote educational material and information, share practices and many more. Social media can help in increasing teacher and student participation; learners are more interested and engaged in completing the program if they are able to reach out for the peers involved.

So the question here is that how Twitter is useful in E-Learning? Here we have jot down five simple tips that will help you use Twitter to connect and share educational content.

Be Valuable – Make sure that your social medial profiles share valuable and knowledge providing content to your readers. You can help create a following by constructing a social learning platform on top of your current learning information material, maximizing the existing behavior and content.

Follow The Professionals – If the prime e-Learning websites or publications are following someone on Twitter, it means you should follow them too. @learningsolmag, @eLearningGuild and @elearnindustry these are the few great ones to start your following list with. As you keep on following and increasing your list, you will realize that you have come across many new e-Learning websites and blogs that you may not find through Google.

Establish Your News – Instead of wasting time in searching through your Twitter network to find the best content, it will be best to utilize a social media dashboard tool. You can search trending topics related to your topic or follow e-Learning websites or professionals and find useful material on their profiles.

Join And Connect – It is a wise idea to follow publications and E-Learning experts, but it is best to try connecting and interrelating with them. It’s great to stay active in communities and join Twitter chats or different e-Learning forums and group, interacting is a fun way to share course tips, tools, development and material with different e-Learning experts. This is the best method to increase your knowledge through Twitter.

Make Use Of Twitter #Hashtags – Make use of Twitter hashtags to find new and trending content for different #eLearning. This way you can find trending articles and also join Twitter chats with that specific hashtag.

These are some top tips for utilizing Twitter for eLearning, if you know of any other don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section.

E-Learning Vs. Classroom Learning:What is Better?

Just around ten years ago, eLearning was an experimental method of teaching extremely technical subjects. But today, students and scholars from all around the globe and from every field use online training as a method to teach. Nowadays finding a school or training program that doesn’t offer eLearning will be difficult.

Even though online learning has many similar features with classroom learning, there are some that are however, different. In eLearning the role of the instructor differs, all these things mean the learning and development of the courses and teaching styles should be different. The following is a list of the main difference between the classroom learning and eLearning, which will help professionals in getting started with it.

The Learning Framework

The setting in which eLearning takes place is quite different in contrast to an ordinary classroom learning session. Online learning is an individual activity even though if the pupils are in one room with others carrying out the same activities. Its best that the teachers should design the course in such a manner that they consider the online environment and make the subject interesting. For instance in online learning many students drop the course because of isolation, so it’s really important that the students are motivated and given proper feedback to reduce this risk. Therefore in eLearning it’s essential to reduce the feelings of isolation and connect with the online learners.

Types Of Means
In traditional teaching leaning process is limited to words and pictures only but in eLearning the instructor get a chance to connect through different means to engage the learners and build a good relationship with the students. For example, audio and video availability of the instructor is important, however, it is also essential to use the media wisely so it should add value to the course and the offer the learner an of experience of learning which he or she will get nowhere else.




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