Help Your Kid Learn Smarter by Means of Apps

Studying is a skill obtained through hard work and experience. Although this truly is a fact, many of us think of studying as something tedious and difficult. However, although no learning technique will ever guarantee you a breeze of an experience, there are ways you could teach your child to study more efficiently, with much more involvement and interest and with a significantly lower amount of reluctance and slacking. The modern world has recently been introduced with the world of app-based phone devices – smartphones. Now, these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the large majority supports a ton of useful content. Learning is no longer an exception here – we present you a range of useful learning apps for you kid.

Memory Forcer X

When it comes to memory improvement, Memory Forcer X is a top-notch app on the market. In the goal of enabling your child to learn and study smarter, memory plays a vital role – it is your kid’s greatest ally. Cool, interesting and easy to use, this app is best applied early in your child’s life and by downloading it you can do wonders for their memory skills.


When it comes to practicing mental math calculations, Mathematics can do wonders for your kid. Enabling your child to practice mental math calculations in creative and interesting ways, you can expect your offspring to know the square numbers in the 700’s within seconds. Allow our kid to baffle their math teachers by quickly coming up with answers with this app. Furthermore, in this way, teachers can inspire their students to make math learning a fun and fruitful task.

Solar Walk-3D Solar System Model

There are few things when it comes to education, that are more interesting than learning about space. This app goes beyond basic planet information – it can help your kid learn about planet trajectories, their inner structures and history of their exploration, all of this in 3D, making it more vivid and thus more interesting for your kid to sink their teeth in.

Simple States

There is a reason why every school in the US insists on learning state names and capitals – in addition to being a thing of pride, it is a good brain exercise. Even progressive, innovative schools, such as Montessori, based in Australia, insist on learning American states and state capitals! Designed for all ages, the Simple States app allows even the parents to brush up on their knowledge about the states, while studying with their kids. Furthermore, this app is a great study guide!

Learn to Read Music

No longer do you have to enrol your kid into a music education programme in order to see if they’ve got a knack for music. Doubtlessly, the most boring part about introduction to music is learning how to read the notes – it can be a tedious, lengthy experience, and it has a tendency to turn something fun and practically borderless into a set of rules. With Learn to Read Music, you can allow your child to approach music reading in a fun, logical and, above all, interesting way. When it comes to music, you are delving deeper than mere melody and harmony – you are simultaneously becoming a better mathematician and linguist, seeing as how this type of art is greatly related to the mentioned sciences. Getting introduced with the world of music early in a child’s development will not only help your kid show signs of musical talent, but teach them valuable lessons about several seemingly unrelated fields of science.

Apps are no longer related only to computer enthusiasts – these have become an easy way to get introduced to many things, outside informatics. What better way to help your kid learn smarter, than by introducing fun into their learning experience, by means of apps?




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