Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning plays a vital part of social emotional learning. They are widely used in virtual communication, digital technology especially by students. Pupils can learn and adopt social and emotional skills at the very first sight through active and participatory lessons. It should not be limited to classrooms; it has to be enhanced to family and community. This technology is similar to that of make use of pen and pencil for learning in past generations.

Interactive Learning has led to the evolution in process of learning. It is nothing but a classroom where Socratic Method is used as a basis for teaching. It encourages a debate between a pupil and teacher. Flipped classrooms is one of the idealistic methodology of iterative learning that adopts both classroom approach and online that would breakthrough one’s mastery of engagement.

Activities in Class

Some of the examples include live people presentations, game playing, multi stationed exercise, point or counterpoint debates, case studies or vignettes, high-fidelity situations, standardized patient examinations and interviews. It is better than randomly transmitting information; teachers will be able to actively participate in the construction of knowledge, by guiding students where they will be able to start sense of content by themselves.

Online Video: The traditional method of teaching is converted into video classes. A one hour lecture format is converted into video classes. It comprises of a fifteen minutes lecture in length that primarily focuses on a specific topic, upgrade with embedded quizzes assisted with various reading materials and resources. For example NCERT Textbooks and NCERT Solutions where each series of books comprises of an interactive CD’s that would help interactive learning through graphics, audio-visual clips and expert advice.

Benefits of Interactive Learning

As said earlier interactive learning is a social and interactive process. It usually takes place that is hooked up in company of one’s associate, in a classroom and under the guidance of one’s family.


Students who are emotionally and socially are efficient are usually skilled and qualified in five distinct areas namely building healthy relationships, decision making, and self-awareness, responsible and social awareness. Development of these values would help children to stay focused, achieve goals, engage in risky behaviors, avoid negative influence and face potential challenges.

Incorporating Interactive Learning

Now the question that would arise is that how this could be incorporated with the lessons. It has to be designed in such a manner that it promotes bonding. It can either be role-plays, skirts and games. Interactive games would help to develop relationships skills, group discussion, resolve conflicts, good decision making. In skits each pupil would get an opportunity to implement skill practically that they have learned through, expanding their horizon of better understanding others and oneself.

Now focusing on syllabus, keeping in mind the students preparing for their exams, they may in dilemma regarding the books they have to refer, the one that would help them to grasp instantly. As mentioned earlier NCERT Solutions, NCERT Textbooks enhances interactive learning. One can understand and grasp context of the topics easily.

One of the true and main concept of distance education in real world should become a holistic learning environment where in teachers should aid to absorb knowledge through virtual and real world experience.