Top 5 Upcoming Inspirational Movies In 2018

The entertainment industry has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Movies these days can trigger emotions and feelings within us in such a way as if it were an actual real-life situation. Visual media can make us feel fresh and motivated, even after a long and tiring day at work. To be able to succeed in life and find satisfaction, inspiration is one of the core elements. With skillful direction and production, movies can provide us just that.

Here are some inspirational movies set to be released in 2018 which will keep you absorbed and entertained at the same time.

Lean on Pete

This has to be one of the most touching movies to look forward to in 2018. With an amazing rating of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, the story circulates around a young boy and his relationship with an aging horse. The boy and his father have had a troubled past, and are trying to establish a new life in Portland, Oregon. While the father faces difficulties coping with life, the young boy lands a job at the local racetrack, where he gets appointed as the caretaker for a horse named Lean on Pete.

As the relationship develops between the two, the boy finds that Pete is bound to be slaughtered soon, and this takes the boy on a journey to save his new friend. We won’t give any spoilers, but the beautiful journey the two friends embark on will surely leave viewers in awe. We can guarantee that this movie has the potential to make you cry, but cannot guarantee that you won’t long for a horse of your own afterward.

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

“Out of the ordinary” would be the right way to define this movie. The main character is a guy full of life, with a strange sense of humor and a major drinking problem. A calamitous car accident lands him into treatment. There, with the help of his girlfriend and a charismatic sponsor, he discovers a new found love and talent for drawing humorous cartoons. Not long after, he gains a cult following with his depiction of art and the way he presents it.

Based on a true story, this shrewd and funny drama will keep you entertained throughout its entire runtime, and make you realize the remedial power of art and how it connects people with life as a whole. With a user rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, this will surely be one of the most beloved movies of the year. It is due to be released on July 13th, so make sure to mark your calendar accordingly.

Mary Poppins Returns

We all fell in love with the magical nanny Mary Poppins when she changed the lives of the Banks family with her mystical powers. After a long wait, the second installment is coming at the end of this year, where the magical nanny returns, this time played by the wonderful Emily Blunt.

Poppins returns to take care of the children of the Banks family originally portrayed in the first installments. The children are now adults who face turmoil and hardships, and Poppins attempts to help them through. This movie will give you numerous moments of joy and contentment as our protagonist introduces the long-lost love and happiness to the family and helps them discover life again. Be sure to watch this one with your entire family, as there will be valuable lessons included for everyone.

You can watch a number of these movies over your trusted internet service through Netflix or Amazon Prime. Your Xfinity internet plans can help you choose the perfect package for watching all these movies and many more coming your way over the course of this year. We all need some inspiration every now and then, and what better way to gain some than from the comfort of your seat with a cup of coffee in your hand!

First Man

We all know who the first man to walk on the moon was, Neil Armstrong. But not many of us know about his life and motivation which led him to be that first man. This movie, set to be released on October 12th, will take you through the life and journey of the astronaut, and the various phases of life he had to overcome in order to achieve the legendary milestone which will be remembered for generations, if not centuries.

The movie will take you through the years before the Apollo 11 expedition in 1969. Ryan Gosling will play the lead role in the adaptation, and we eagerly await to see what justice he can do to the role of our space hero. We for one are looking forward to watching this biography turned movie as soon as it lands in theaters, and we hope that you are too.

A Quiet Place

Although this movie fits into the horror genre, the innovative script and the struggles depicted of a family living in a post-apocalyptic world seem absolutely real. A world where one cannot speak or communicate verbally, and where every single noise could end your existence, makes us realize how fortunate we are to be able to survive and do things at our free will. The bonding of a family which struggles through life in such a world and the turmoil they face will keep you engaged and leave you short of breath throughout the runtime of this movie.

Not to spoil the movie, but the childbirth scene will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure. Be sure to watch this one, and we guarantee that it will be a fulfilling experience.




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