14 Effective Tips to Give a Sure Shot Boost to Your Facebook Ads Success

With the introduction of the new layout of the Facebook ad area, along with the new options that have been introduced, several people are facing a lot of difficulty and confusion in handling it the correct way. Since Facebook lets you reach to a wider audience, you need to keep yourself updated on the new changes so that your Facebook ad campaign is maximized. This article will show you how to enhance your Facebook ads to give you a good handle on everything. So read for Facebook Ads Success.

  1. Getting Started

One of the most important things while getting started is to choose your main objective. The type of Facebook ad you go with solely depends upon what you are trying to achieve. Depending upon your primary goals, you are assisted in choosing ad formats with Facebook’s new advertising schemes.

  1. Increasing Your Page Likes

Your first objective should be increasing the number of likes to your ad page by encouraging people and inviting them to like your page. The high number of likes makes you look popular, which attracts more people to like it. It is a far better, cheaper and safer option than buying followers on Facebook.

  1. Facebook Offers

Look out for the Facebook offers that will help you capture people’s attention, as they let you promote your ad campaign only to Facebook users. Try coming up with a discount deal that can be redeemed in your business. It is a good idea to give the Facebook offers to your fans only; you can later widen the offer to larger audiences, if all goes well. Giving away items in exchange of the users’ email addresses is surely going to help you with your advertisements.

  1. Sponsored Stories

When a user visits a Facebook page, his friends are also able to check his activity through the news feed. But if you are looking to do a little more than that, then you have to pay for the stories to be seen as the sponsored stories at the left column of advertisement creating tool.

  1. Adding Your Mailing List To Facebook

You can upload your mailing list to your Facebook account and add a custom audience to it. It helps you to target users that you are already friends with and spread the word.

  1. Changing Your Ad Campaign

You always have the choice to either edit your budget or your campaign’s end date any time after your campaign starts; choose wisely and in a way that helps you with your ad campaign.

  1. Download Mobile App

Since most of the Facebook activity is carried on mobile devices these days, Facebook has become a wonderful option for mobile app developers, helping them easily promote their creations.

  1. Call To Action

Facebook users would be encouraged to take your desired action if they see a call to action on your Facebook ad page. So, do not forget to add an effective call to action in your paid Facebook ad.

  1. Highlighting Special Deals

You can attract people by showing your latest sale events and deals by using your Facebook paid advertising. It is not only going to spread the word about your business but also bring more visitors and an obvious increase in profits.

  1. Keeping An Eye On Your Audience Meter

Facebook tells you the number of people you have reached through the audience meter. This will help you a lot in making sure you are not targeting too few or too many people. Your Facebook ads will perform best if you target a few thousand people at least. So if you see your audience going any below this number, then consider removing some restrictions.

  1. Creating A Facebook Ad

A Facebook page is not required in order to create a Facebook ad. All you need to do is toselect the Clicks toWebsite objective and you are all set with your advertisement. However, creating Facebook ads by not connecting them with a Facebook page will result in your ad page appearing only in the right column and not in the news feed.

  1. Customizing Your Headline

To make your ad look more enticing, it is the best option to customize your ad headline. It is one of the best ways to make a wonderful impact on your page. For instance, if you’re running an academic service, you may write something like this, “Get Accounting Dissertation Help at Discounted Price”.

  1. Getting The Help Of Others

Adding an administrator can be very helpful, since they can edit and perform other tasks of promotion for your page on your behalf. The administrator that you add must have an email address that is easily searchable on Facebook. Simply click Add after choosing their access level.

  1. Keeping Your Posts Short

Short posts tend to attract more audience than their lengthier counterparts. For optimal engagement, it is a must to trim down your words since no one would be interested to read a complete novel in their news feed.

Facebook advertising has some excellent targeting capabilities that can help you spread your message to your desired audiences. Therefore, take full advantage of the Facebook advertising options in order to create extremely successful Facebook ad campaigns.



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