Facebook Insight Analysis

Social media is a technique for improving your presence. In terms of traffic, Brand awareness. In social media lot of channels like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Stumbleupon and other which are mention in this postHere we will talk about Facebook insights, With the help of insights we can improve our Facebook page traffic or our website traffic. Let’s discuss how we can improve our website traffic fromFacebook with facebook insights.

Let’s Start with Facebook Analysis

Facebook insight

Facebook is the major traffic sending social network channel. Reach and engagement these two metrics are very important for Facebook analysis. In the following image we can see every post engagement and reach. With the help of this data we can find what type of post is working for us.

engagement anaysis

In the above picture we can see that post number 3 have the highest post reach, engagement, likes. So we have to find out that what type of post is this? Is it image post, Or any other type of post, Or we add any description for this post that’s why the reach for this post is high.

Other factors that also matters is post time. What is the best time to post via facebook. So find out that all posts are same but the time for sharing is different. That’s why the post reach is high.  If we published a post and that time your audience is not online so that is not worth.

Analyze the following metrics

  • Type Of Post
  • Time to publish
  • What type of audience you have so published post according to them.
  • Which country has most like so post according to them.
  • From my opinion if post has an image, So that kind of post have the potential for viral

About the people

In people’s analysis go to the people section then start with fan section, Then you can find the following image

About the people

In the above image, we can easily find the data about people’s. Here is the total status of your fans those liked your page.

Ist section (Age group)

We can find out the age group, Which age group has the highest number of likes.I love this data. With the help of this data we can find out the targeted age group. So always try to post according to those age group they will engage with your post and enjoy your facebook page. With the help of this technique chances of improving number of likes for the page is high.

2nd section (Gender)

This data give us the Gender detail, With the help of this data we can check that Which gender have high potential in our Facebook Page. Next strategy is same try to post according to that gender which have the potential.

3rd section (Country, City, Language)

In this section we can find the country which have the highest likes. With the help of this data we can post from our Facebook account according to that country time zone, that is highly engaging for that audience.

People Reached

people reached

In the above image same metrics analyze for people reached on posts. In the previous section we analyze our fans but here we can analyze our post reach traffic. Metrics for both are same. So we can analyze this also as it is but that is for our post reach traffic. this will also help as in same manner we can improve our post quality according to country, time zone etc.




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