How Going Paperless can Help Your Business

Going paperless has been a long-term trend in eco-friendly business concepts. Despite the improvements in the alternative technologies, most businesses are still relying on the traditional paper-based system.

The heavy consumption of paper is a huge drawback both for the business and the environment. Businesses can save thousands of dollars by going paperless. When using paper, you need to manage additional expenses like storage, ink, toner and electricity bills. Relying too much on paper can hinder your business growth and reduce the overall productivity.

The traditional paper-based system is more harmful for the environment. The paper and pulp manufacturing process requires huge amount of trees and freshwater. According to one estimate, if we continue the current trend of paper consumption, we are going to lose all the rainforests within the next 100 years. The paper production process is also recognized as one of the most pollutant industrial processes.

When a business goes paperless, it has higher chances of being more profitable. On average, an office with 8 workers can save up to $10,000 in a year by going paperless. If you want to know more interesting facts about the current trend of paper consumption and going paperless, check out the following infographic by Ademero. It also includes the basic steps you need to take to go paperless.

Impacts of a paper based system



Marie K. Powell

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