Mobile Phone Landscape-Phone Launch Trend in India 2015

The Mobile phone landscape: India 2015 aims to decode the mobile industry growth in the world’s second-largest phone market in the past year.

With 43 percent more mobile phone launches in 2015 compared to the 19 percent of 2014, it is quite evident that customers nowadays have a wide variety of devices to choose from. Add to this the fact that the number of phone brands in India have increased 2.5 times since 2013, and we get a market not just full of handsets but a wide assortment of companies as well. In the past year, feature phones seem to have outdone the smartphone competition, as they can be seen as the major driving force behind the tremendous growth of the mobile market. Walking on the same footprints, it is the entry-level segment where most of the action happened, with customers opting for brands like Lenovo, ASUS and OnePlus in place of well-established brands like Samsung and Apple. Consequently, many international brands have looked to gain share in the budget market with new offerings.

Popularity charts of devices show customers have prioritized features over brands and haven’t shied away from trying handsets from new companies. The report further consolidates these views by awarding smartphones across various categories in terms of innovation, user interest and popularity.

Take a look at the complete report:

Mobile landscape



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