Moving Towards Paperlite and Sustainability

Moving Towards Paperlite and Sustainability

The “paperless office” concept has been a buzzword across different industries for quite some time now since the arrival of new technologies, computers, and cellular phones to name a few. However, despite the ongoing efforts of its advocates, a lot of companies today are still using a huge amount of paper to conduct their daily operations.

There are many reasons why a company may have a hard time moving towards the paperless approach. Small businesses might not have enough resources to procure and implement paperless technologies and tools in their business. An Enterprise Resource Planning system, for instance, can range anywhere from $150,000 to $750,000, which is a significant investment that small and medium scale companies may not yet ready to avail. Furthermore, some companies may have a complex workflow which cannot be translated directly into the system.

Aside from the complexity of jobs and lack of resources, another reason why many businesses are still reliant on papers is that the company itself are clueless on the steps required to shift away from paper- based approach. A lot of companies are in fact very willing to move towards paperless approach yet they don’t have the knowledge on the necessary steps and technical requirements to do so.

The workforce also plays a large role if a company want to achieve the “paperless office” concept in their business. Each year, a lot of conferences and seminars about how a business can reduce its paper usage and decrease its environmental footprint are conducted across the globe. By immersing your employees to this kind of seminars, they can have a better understanding of the benefits of paperless approach not only in their business but on their overall morale as well.

If you think that going paperless is the right direction that your company should take, then you may read this and learn that despite the challenges stated above, there are some ways on how you can be successful in implementing the paperless approach in your business.