The best iPhone security apps: Protect your smartphone

if you’re sitting down and seeing article this thinking that your iPhone is protected just because it’s an Apple, you’re a hacker’s dream. While viruses, malware, and hacks are less common on Apple devices, they are by no means nonexistent.

If you just signed up for a way too long contract with a local cellphone company, or spent way too much money and bought an iPhone outright, here as 5 security apps that can protect your investment.

 iPhone security apps to Protect your smartphone


 1. Best iPhone security apps: Webroot SecureWeb | $0.00 Free


Webroot SecureWeb seeks to secure the websites you surf. It does this by scanning the websites you search through, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!, and analyzes the search results displayed. It then blocks those websites it finds to be insecure so that you can choose not to visit them. When you’re on your iPhone, with your online security guard down, this can be a great tool.


2.Best iPhone security apps: Norton Mobile Security | $0.00 Free


Norton has been one of the biggest names in online security since the web first launched to the public in the 90s. Their mobile app for iPhone has evolved to work in a mobile environment.

Norton adds protection to your iPhone, at no cost, by helping you find a lost or stolen phone. The location of your phone is shown on a map. If you see that your iPhone is somewhere it shouldn’t be, like not at your home, office, or in your car, you can remote wipe all data on it.

If you see that your iPhone is nearby, flip the “Screamer” on to find it quickly!


3.Best iPhone security apps: A VPN provider | $3.99/month and up


For when you connect your iPhone to public WiFi, which let’s be honest is pretty often, there’s no better tool for protecting you than a VPN. It will protect you from Man in the Middle hacks that steal your data in public WiFi settings, while also:

  • Allowing you to get past geo-blocked content due to region restrictions
  • Getting past some ISP throttling issues
  • Hiding your lP address from websites trying to track you

A VPN does this by encrypting all of your data on your iPhone before it is sent out to the web. This will make it impossible for every hackers to ‘read’ your data as it’s transmitted live over the Internet. For a more detailed look at which apps are best, check out our best VPN for iPhone list.


4.Best iPhone security apps: iDiscrete | $2.99


This app is great for both those who like to take photos and videos their mommas shouldn’t see, and those who need help with audio and text they want to keep private.

iDiscrete does this by putting password protection on all, or just those you choose, of your:

  • audio
  • text
  • photos
  • videos
  • apps

It’s handy for when you want something simple to lock down both hacked and physical access to your sensitive information.


5.Best iPhone security apps: 1Password | $17.99


Bettering passwords on all devices and websites that use them on should be a high priority for every web user. Hacked, stolen, and lazy passwords lead to more problems online than anything else. Remember that big flap over The Fappening and it being called an iCloud hack? Well it wasn’t so much a hack of iCloud as it was a hack of weak passwords on each account.

1Password makes it possible for you to create complex passwords for all of your websites and apps that require a password login. The app then stores them for you so all you have to do is remember your password for 1Password. It is recommended that you use a long phrase or sentence, rather than a short word, for this.


Why do we need iPhone security apps?


There are far too many people out there using their iPhone like it isn’t a mini-computer. Your iPhone is just as susceptible to data theft, hacking, malware, and other online threats as any other digital tool you own.

If you feel like these tools aren’t worth your time, take a look at the top of the list again. Two of those are free, and the third will cost you pennies a day. Now how much did you pay for that iPhone? Do you think they’re worth it now?




Marcus is an online security enthusiast and writer for Best VPN Provider. You can find him there on the blog every Wednesday with the latest news in the world of VPNs, encryption, data protection, and everything else cyber security related.

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