Why You Should Choose Animated Videos to Boost Your Digital Marketing Result

 Organizations, associations and even identities depend on the power of virality on online networking. Virality is one of the primary signs, whether their image is compelling or not. To end up viral – to be shared, preferred and remarked on – the content distributed on a social stage must have a quality to get on like rapidly spreading fire. Video advertising has gotten to be a standout amongst the best and cheap approaches to promote a brand.

Numerous online organizations have been utilizing animated characters as a part of their video marketing. Really, they have been utilizing them so much that animation is a standout amongst the most mainstream explainer video styles.

Why is it such a well-known style?

Why do animated videos make a difference in video marketing?

Learn the top 3 reasons why animated videos are very important to boost your digital marketing promotion.

Animated videos allow a complete visual correspondence and help build connections with individuals. Contrasted with picture and content, animated video is a totally distinctive system of engaging people.

According to Orange County digital marketing agency, two of the main 7 digital marketing trends to dominate in 2016 are the achievement of picture-driven systems and the rise of animated video marketing. Instagram, which is basically an image sharing site, rapidly got on to this trend. They have recently released their video features.

  1. Identify Your Audience

Here is another incredible thing about animated video: by making your video completely custom, you can plan your animated characters to make them resemble your target audience and even you can also replicate places in the background, for example, coffee shop, workplaces, or whole city scenes.

By creating your animated characters resemble the audience, you are creating a great business opportunity. Your customers will quickly relate to the video. This makes the video way additionally captivating and serves to develop trust in your brand; in light of the fact that your customers understand that your organization thinks about them and represent them.

  1. Storytelling

Animated video and animated characters make a digital marketing promotion entertaining and fun to watch, sufficiently driving time for you to clarify your business thought and lead individuals to review your video and your image. There is a key component that associates these stories: the utilization of animated characters. The characters are the ones that make stories develop: things happen to the characters and they act in consequence.

  1. Add Emotions

The characters of animated video permit you to add some humor or emotion to your digital marketing strategy; this makes them more fun and memorable as it is just like a story!

Strange situations, unimaginable or crazy analogies, can help you to clarify the most complex ideas, giving your customers a laugh in the meantime and making them appreciate the explanation.

Yes! An animated character can make you blush, laugh, cry and much more.

It is very natural to feel empathy with the emotions of other people, yet keeping in mind the end goal to get that with your digital marketing video, your characters must be well-animated. Your animated characters must look alive! On the off chance that they cannot be lively, the actual effect is missed. This is the reason we generally demand getting a high quality animated video made.

Facts You Should Know about Animated Videos

  • An animated video stands a 40 times more possibility of ranking on the first page of Google than any text-based web page.
  • A visitor will stay 2 minutes longer on your site when they watch an animated video.
  • More than 600 CEO’s from both small and big companies, 73% of CEO’s think advertisers need business credibility. Video marketing is an excellent source of advertising.
  • Animated video advertising is set to develop at a compound yearly growth rate of 59% in the period 2015 to 2017.
  • Animated video has a 300% higher guest or viewer engagement than static and printed content.



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