Instagram Widget – Simple Way To Embed IG Profile

Are you looking for cute and small IG gallery plugin with some premium quality features in it? If so, then you are just on the right track. There are some interesting IG based tools and plugins available, which are great as IG theme and perfect for WordPress sites. Instalink is one such name you will come across. It is easier to install, user-friendly and a qualitative widget for presenting some images from an account on the website. Simple and free at the same time, this form of IG gallery will make it really possible for you to promote IG account or profile in a completely new way.

The product is primarily termed as responsive IG widget, which can fit right in any screen resolution, embed with required username or even combined with different hashtags no matter whatever type of site or blog you have been. An added form of customization will also help you big time to choose the proper appearance of a gallery for best performance ever. All you have to do is just adjust no-charge IG gallery to any of your needs and find link with everyone. This plugin will be that help and it is widely used by experts from as well.

If you want, you can select IG gallery for WP websites when you strive to draw some more attention to IG account, its data and more. As a result, it helps in increasing number of followers or the time when you like to get the photo gallery with the easy setup. So, the time has come to address the best IG widget for the web page or blog post now.

Head towards the features:

Before you end up using the plugin for managing IG gallery, you better check out the features involved in this section. It will help you a lot to know if this tool is perfect for your use. For that, the team has prepared lists of following features right in front of you.

  • Get the chance to embed generalized IG account data through this tool, such as adding posts, profile images, following count and followers.
  • You will receive a quick link to profile right from a gallery with the help of Follow button. You can even enjoy a responsive IG gallery for websites, which will look great on any resolution possible.
  • The tool will make a gallery retina-ready and also mobile supportive. You will enjoy photos in WP IG gallery as can be adjusted to any grid size.
  • You will be receiving the bundle of some amazing photo animations by your side. If that wasn’t enough, you will receive fast performance of IG gallery WP plugin.
  • It comes with images cache. Here, you can choose customized panel colors and follow button. There are 2 different sizes for images in a grid – medium and small.
  • The services come with customization through HTML and CSS. You will further receive the clean form of JS code and the methods remain simple for professionals and beginners.
  • You can easily embed IG with Elfsight code generator. It will offer you with that special form of HTML shortcode, which comes with various widget options.

The available Pro or Premium version:

Apart from the free category, this plugin comprises a premium version as well with some fascinating abilities. It comes with loads of responsive features. Are you looking for IG WP gallery with scroll option? The extended form of useful settings will help you to customize gallery as it might fit well with online site perfectly. This Pro version offers you with the liberty to add any form of public username, which anyone can create or follow by combining hashtags. It is used for displaying specified images in the widget. You can view all photos in the standardized timeline order.

Attractive opportunities waiting for you to grab:

To dispel any kind of doubt about one of best IG plugins for WP, there are some possible social activities which your selected plugin can cover. Get to know those points as well, for better help in this regard.

  • You get the chance to declare everyone about social ID on a blog or website.
  • On the other hand, you can always get the opportunity to increase the number of followers on IG as well.
  • Enjoy your chance of growing brand awareness through the social channel.
  • Moreover, you can even encourage IG followers to just engage with the content.
  • Enjoy your chance to build the relationship with IG followers.

So, without wasting any time further, just add the IG widget to WP. It is a way to link up fast and promote quite easily. You can further use the gallery, free of cost!

Examples of some IG Gallery Pro:

These examples on IG Gallery Pro will help you know how to use it and how InstaLink might look on real websites. All you have to do is turn on imagination and then use Instagram to its full potential. It is a get way to enjoy.

  • Online lift companies are using the IG widget pro version to show its IG accounts that anyone can come to know about IG profile and subscribe it. You can customize the IG widget so that it might sustain in one style with the website.
  • Moreover, the online shop uses these IG products for sharing a full range of home art furniture in the company’s IG gallery. The premium form of IG widget is placed as the major element of an entire web page. Anyone can get the chance to increase their current brand awareness and encourage followers to share content with the wise application of IG widget.
  • Even some Artist Studios have used the responsive IG gallery on website. For attracting some young talents, it might not be superfluous to keep IG. That’s what they have worked on with their IG gallery.

Just be sure to go through each one of the samples and learn how to use IG gallery towards your advantage. For that, a little bit of help is required and you will get it from reputed centers. But first, learn about the plugin incomplete details.



Harris Scott

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.