4 Apps to Plan your Perfect Party

When it comes to throwing the perfect party there are a lot of things to think about, who to invite, what theme the party should have, what food you should buy, what decorations will work well with the theme…these are just some of the many decisions you are going to have to make.

Because there is so much to think about when it comes to event planning, it is easy to forget something important, some of the best parties have been ruined because the host forgot to send out invites or cater for vegetarians, etc.  Though you can be traditional and make vast amounts of lists covering every aspect of the party, there is still room for error here and always the chance that your lists will go missing or won’t be as comprehensive as you thought.  

Fortunately, as there is for everything, there are plenty of apps that are designed to help you plan every aspect of your party, helping you to remember everything and even think about things that you had never even considered.  

As there are so many different party planning apps you might be unsure as to which one to use. The last thing you want to do is start using an app to find it doesn’t have all the functions you require and you must switch to another.  This will mean manually moving all the information over to the new app which could take a lot of time and some things might get missed.

To help you to narrow down the search we have researched all the party planning apps available and have made a shortlist of the top 4 apps you can use to successfully plan your party:

  1. Pro Party Planner

This app has everything you need and more, from a guest list (which you can import if you have already made one), to task delegation and reminder settings. This app allows you to share information with other people helping you to plan the party, even allowing you to facetime them from within the app, furthermore it also provides a timeline which allows you to see everything that has and is due to happen, in real time. With augmented reality you can even create your own seating plan using a picture of the venue.  For larger scale parties and events, this app is second to none.

  1. PitchIn

This app is perfect for collaborating with other people in your party planning. Not only does it allow you to create to-do lists and delegate tasks to other people, but it goes one further and allows you to interact more with your guest list. This app can not only send automatic payment reminders to guests, but also allow you to accept payments through the app.

  1. Pepperplate

The ideal app for helping you to prepare your party menu and food. Through this free app you can manage and share your recipes, create menus and meal plans and even create comprehensive shopping lists that automatically syncs across various devices. Import your favorite online recipes or save those recipes from your old cookbooks, and use them to plan a personalized three-course meal. The app is smart enough to be able to scale recipes and from this generate its own shopping list.

Furthermore, this app works alongside the Pepperplate website which provides even more functions to help you prepare your party menu and organize what you need to do and when to ensure everything is ready for the big day.  

  1. Speakeasy Cocktails

No party is complete without a good supply of alcohol, cocktails provide this in abundance while also bringing an air of sophistication and professionalism to your party. If you have no cocktail making experience, however, you might not even think about serving cocktails and may not know how to make the various different drinks.

This app is ideal for this problem, it provides interactive recipes for over 200 different cocktails and even includes over 40 instructional videos, making cocktail making easier than ever before. Use this app to not only plan your drinks and decide which alcohol to buy before the party and continue to use it throughout the party to make some delicious cocktails.

In addition to these apps, there are plenty more covering every other aspect of party planning, from apps that help you to create a playlist for the music for your party, apps that will help with the décor for your party and even apps that will provide entertainment with some party games.




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