Best Apps for Various eCommerce to mCommerece Verticals

The process of selling and buying things has changed considerably when the internet arrived on the market. But then, apps have brought in another revolution – people can now do commerce on the go. With just one touch of the screen, all sorts of articles are being traded within seconds. Big stores are struggling to keep up with this tech type of transactions, but the truth is that they cannot beat the online non-stop offers.

Having this in mind, we have gone through the app store and selected some of the most up-to-date products. These are all popular apps among users who are always on the run for the best deals out there.

  1. THRONE: Buy Sneakers & Sell Shoes + Streetwear Marketplace

First of all, this app is developed to work with several Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (however, these must run on iOS 7.1 or later). Then, you must know that is it especially dedicated to sneaker lovers. Sorry, girls, you won’t find elegant shoes in here!

Here is how it works:

  • Create a profile and a virtual locker;
  • Take pictures of the items you want to sell and post them on the locker;
  • At this step, you also have to mention the delivery details;
  • Soon, people will start viewing the product and asking questions about it;
  • Users can choose to follow each other and receive notifications when a new product is uploaded on the locker;
  • The payment is done via an e-wallet attached to the app –users transfer money from their credit account to the e-wallet and use it to buy sneakers.

Throne is developed as a marketplace app, also connected to social media, so users can share their products and deals at any time.


  1. TapNSell – World’s Garage Sale

This app is available both for iOS and Android systems. The principle is to come in here and sell things you no longer need. And when we say things, we mean absolutely everything – from sport items, to home appliances and even motors.

Here’s what is special about this app and how it works:

  • Users just have to take pictures of products, decide upon a price and post them instantly;
  • The selling process goes really fast on TapNSell due to the built in live chat and notifications system – users can talk in real time and negotiate without waiting for replying e-mails;
  • The service benefits from insurance, so users won’t have to support the consequences if the products get lost or damaged during transportation;
  • The app allows users to find nearby bargains, based on their location – it employs the device’s localization feature and filters the offers depending on the results;
  • Anyone can enter personal offers for products they want to buy and the deal is sealed if the owner accepts it;
  • The app is connected to social media and all offers can be shared with friends.


  1. Wanelo Shopping

The app can be downloaded both for iOS and Android devices, from the app store. It contains a large variety of products from the following categories: women, men, kids, home decor and furniture. In here, users can find fashion items, clothes and accessories from all sorts of stores – from the most famous, to the smallest boutiques.

Wanelo works in this way:

  • Create an account and choose which stores and users to follow;
  • After this step, users will receive personalized feeds with items of similar style;
  • The app allows people to select and save items for later;
  • Items can be sorted by price, category, and so on.

Download: For iOS | For Android

  1. Bevlynx

This is an iOS dedicated app and can be found on iStore. It is especially made for those who are constantly looking for bargains when it comes to food and drinks. Actually, with this app, they don’t have to hunt discounts anymore, because now, users are the ones making the prices.

This is how it works:

  • By using your device’s GPS, the app finds nearby restaurants and bars;
  • Then, it displays all the offers of the moment;
  • Users just have to pick their favorites and introduce the price they are willing to pay for those foods and/or drinks;
  • If the restaurants accepts the price, the deal is sealed and customers can go there and wait no more – the waiter knows what to bring to the table and how much to charge for it.

The app allows users to send reviews of places and to view photos and descriptions of products.


In conclusion, now you know exactly what app to install on your smartphone if you want to sell or buy sneakers, clothes or anything else. Besides, Bevlynx offers users the possibility of eating and drinking their favorite products at customized prices.

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