HP Phablet With Windows 10; That’s What Microsoft Desperately Needs

Is this what Microsoft wants? In the last couple of months, the company has to face a decline in the sales of their Windows smartphones. Although, Lumia version finds their acceptance among their users worldwide but doesn’t get the expected adaptability success rate. Microsoft, who desperately needs a hero and HP Elite x3, could be it. During the mobile world congress in Barcelona; HP introduced a newly develop fully featured phablet on which Windows 10 is installed. That is an ultimate productivity device with the power of PC. HP, who has already launched two different smartphones earlier with Android operating system, doesn’t find any success in achieving their sales target.

The Elite x3 is a great smartphone and company is calling it a Phablet because of the reason, it could be used as a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.  It has a large screen size that is 5.9 inches and has a resolution of 2560*1440 (Quad HD). Its screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with an anti-reflective coating. Since the HP, hasn’t launched it and, only prototype unit is available, so the fans have to wait for that fully featured and innovatively designed phablet.

Although it’s not made of metal; the plastic body still looks pretty much solid and fits the machine. According to the HP’s officials, Elite x3 body is water and dust resistant. If accidently it fell into the water for around thirty minutes then it is evident that no harm will happen to its body.  Windows 10 is installed on that device that having 4 GB of RAM and QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 820 processor. Adoptability functions of the hardware with the operating system are pretty good; which will be a positive sign for the company to achieve sales targets.

The phablet is having the internal space of 64 GB that could be extended to 2TB; till now memory cards with the capacity of 2TB are not yet available but when these will come to market, HP Elite x3 phablet will be ready. The most impressive thing about that outclasses devices is its battery. HP has managed to stuff 4150 mAH battery inside that machine as compared to other phablets available in the market. IPhone 6S plus has 2750 mAH and Galaxy Note5 has 300 mAH battery installed in it which have not any comparison with that that great device.

According to officials; once the battery is fully charged it will last at least for twenty-four hours for full work use. For office professionals and business managers that is a perfect device. The device is coming with fingerprints sensor for extra security. HP hasn’t announced the price of that innovatively designed device so far.  We have to wait and see either this device will be enough to save Windows mobile operating system or Microsoft has to find other solutions.



Syed Qasim

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