Top Social Networking App Builders to Build Your Own Social App

“This content is for those people, who are looking forward to developing their own social networking application. From this content, they can know about top social networking app builders that can help to make an app.”

As we all know that mobility is no longer an option, but it becomes a necessity to flourish in today’s technological market. Today, more than 80% of people worldwide are using smartphone applications like eCommerce, banking, healthcare, retail, and social networking.

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However, social networking is one of the most popular categories as most of the people spend their maximum time on social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Last year, more than 2.34 billion people or 32.0% of the world’s total population and 68.3% of internet users had accessed social networking apps on daily basis.

Now, you must be thinking that making a social networking application is not that easy as there is already huge competition and everyone is fighting for the first position. But if you have a unique idea that can bring a storm in the social networking industry, then you should definitely convert that idea into a successful application.

You can make your own social networking application using top social networking app builders that claim to help you develop an app without a single line of code.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top Social Networking App Builders:

Shoutem – Create Your Own Social Networking App

Shoutem is the most useful social networking app builder that founded in 2011. Equipped with a range of features, this app maker is an extremely polished product. One of the best features of this app builder is a location based directory for places that have proved particularly useful for the test project.

No matter what type of social networking app you want, you can move forward with this maker and make your desired application, considering different things in mind. The design, location-based elements, smooth handling of image uploads and ease of use are some of the points that you can find impressive in this app builder.

Appy Pie – Social networking App Builder

Appy Pie is a widely used social networking application maker that will help you to build a right kind of social network app, allowing you to manage a community around your product/services. With this app maker, you can experience all the benefits of networking with your registered users.

Once you make application, you can post updates like photos, videos and text. You are also allowed to comment and like posts. You will get email notifications when users comment on your posts, subscribe or follow you.

AppInstitue – More Than Meets the Eye

AppInstitute is the one of the largest app makers in the UK and the winner of several start-up awards. The app maker has the most wonderful eCommerce features with customizable catalogue menus and loyalty options. Without even leaving the application, you can pay for everything.

The app builder has a great booking feature that is more powerful than it appears. Not only this allows for appointment booking, it also creates rich events with video and other content. In terms of price, you can get a native iPhone and Android app for $28 a month. It comes with basic push notifications and app analytics.

AppMachine – Create Your Own App

With AppMachine, there is no need to hire an app developer as this app maker allows you to develop a native social media application for iOS and Android platform. The main goal of AppMachine is to set a new standard for developing of native apps. Partly, it has achieved its goal and currently, it is improving and developing even better software daily.

This innovative online platform has made things a lot easier for people allowing them to develop compelling native iOS and Android apps in a fraction of the time and cost. No need of technical and design skills as the app maker will create an app that works smoothly.

BuildFire – The Best Mobile App Builder

No matter whether you want a simple application or a very powerful custom mobile app for your organization, BuildFire is easy to use mobile app builder that helps you to develop such social media app that loves by everyone.

Comes with a robust mobile SDK, you will have the capability of developing any custom feature that you need in your app. Let’s take an example, if you want to tie into a custom database or want to develop a new user interface, allow your imagination to run wild, ignite your ideas with this best app maker.

Create My Free App – A Big Platform to Develop Your Own App

Create My Free App is a widely used app builder allows you to have your own custom iPhone and Android app designed, developed and published by the team of developers. Being free of cost, this app builder deters a business from having their own application. Moreover, it was inspired by a desire to help businesses like yours leverage the advantages of a mobile app while sparing you the cost.

Conclusion –

So, these are the top six social media app builders that have made it a lot easier for people to make their own social media app without writing a single line of code. You can go through these best free makers and start making your own app.

In case, if you are finding any difficulty and looking for an assistance from professionals, it would be good to contact a social networking app development company that has proficiency in developing social network apps.



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