8 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Good SEO in 2017

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS i.e. Content Management Systems at present time. Almost 80 percent bloggers, beginners to advanced bloggers like to use WordPress as a standard blogging platform. WordPress is easy to use and quick to optimize. There are many different SEO plugins available for WordPress, and most of them are free to use in WordPress. Here, in this article, we have discussed a list of WordPress best SEO plugins that you can use to give your blog a better exposure and increase organic traffic with the help of search engine optimization. We have also given some tools that are good to have with WordPress; those are SEO plugins for sure, which you will come to read in the list.

  • SEO Yoast for WordPress – As the name comes at the top, you may understand this is a great tool for SEO in WordPress. A great number of bloggers has this Yoast SEO tool on their WordPress installed. It is easy to install and easy to optimize.

  • All in One SEO for WordPress – All in one SEO tool for WordPress, a great tool for A – Z SEO. This tool gives all features and options that you like to create an SEO friendly website or blog using WordPress platform.

  • Premium SEO for WordPress – This is a premium tool helps you save time and energy doing SEO. This tool is another great search engine optimization tool for WordPress bloggers, which help you make your site quick update with all new SEO things providing best user experience.

  • SEOPressor for WordPress – This SEO plug in offers number of features for WordPress bloggers, which is good for beginners as well as advanced bloggers. This site gives you an inbuilt keyword research tool, which allows you to find the long tail keywords that are related to your topic. The composite features keep this tool ahead of the rest.

  • WordPress SEO Ultimate – Like, other WordPress SEO plugins, this plug in also give you same types of features, but the additional one is, you will be able to edit the Meta description and click through rate of Google’s search results.

  • Rankie SEO Tool for WordPress – It is not a simple SEO tool. It is lot more. This SEO tool not only helps you optimize your blog or site made on WordPress but also helps you get overall search engine exposure. You can keep a sharp eye on keyword position as well.

  • SEO for WordPress by SQUIRRLY – Like, other features that you usually get from an SEO tool, SQUIRRLY can give you same, but the unique one is, you can create content for your post that are human and search engine friendly. It will help you get better ranking in search engines results pages and user engagement.

  • Redirection SEO Tool for WordPress – This is by far one of the best SEO plugins used in WordPress users. As the name suggests, it is widely used for 301 redirection. You can keep a track on 401 errors and redirect the theme to make URL correction.

In this post, we have discussed the best SEO plugins that are essential for all bloggers to optimizing their blogs quickly and efficiently. These tools not only help them optimize their blogs but also help them improve different facets of SEO to increase the overall visibility of their blogs or websites.

The optimization process is very important for all websites and blogs. There are millions of websites running on the web, but it is a few that gets good rank in search engines. If you do not optimize your blog on a regular basis or for a long term, it would be difficult to get the good ranks. A good SEO tool can give you a total SEO solution with your WordPress blog or website. You can choose anyone of them and use to see which is good and fits your needs.



Sunny Chawla

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