Popular WordPress Plugins for the Year 2017

“WordPress has several positive factors which are necessarily involved in development and designing of most of the interesting websites. But, it’s not essentially the most enchanting platform that you should work with, still professionals are inculcated in website development services related to WordPress. There are many professionals that are working on WordPress and featuring & customizing its themes & plugins. So, it can be fit to designer’s needs that have made it the most famous CMS (Content Management System).”

Now, you must be thinking, why plugins are important for the platform & the user as well. Because whenever you need to attach specific functions to your website WordPress plugins are available in multiple numbers. It’s great to have multiple plugins, so you can get a chance to choose from. You can even develop or create your own too, which can be customized to fulfill and fit the need. Plugins provide access when you need to ingrain specific functions into your websites & web projects.

There’s availability of many to choose from and you can have one developed that is modified to fulfill specific requirement.

Availability of abrupt number of plugins is creating issues. When you are looking forward to fulfilling a certain need but you may find yourself stuck in number of plugins that are similar to fulfill the need. But it can be quite challenging to find best out of the bulk. Just to make professional developer & designer’s life little easier, they have selected as some of the best WordPress Plugins out there by using which you can add functionality to them. Here we are listing down top most selected WordPress plugins.

Have a look here:

ssContent Timeline

This WordPress plugin is used to show the data in a sliding timeline if you like to use because content timeline plugin is a very handy plugin. This WP plugin is fully customizable as it allows you to drag, drop, sort, add or delete the items as per your requirement.

If you need to edit any item in the timeline then you can edit in your own window. Here you will find 12 customizable card layouts that are involved in offering a great look to your timeline. You can simply add and associate features into your timeline. For example: include swipe functionally, sorting by month, year, days or others.

WordPress has many pluses, but it’s not necessarily the most glamorous platform to work with.


This wpDataTables enables the user with a host of database management functionalities. Just for an example, the web pages you have created with it can be made customizable. Customization in this plugin isn’t much difficulty. The difficulty level might be equal to Excel sheet.

Modifying or customizing this plug-in isn’t difficult than editing the Excel. This plugin works quite quickly when encountered with big amount of data. All the data management systems are correlated with a given table are handheld by the MySql server.

The tables created by using this plugin will be natively responsive. Its responsive nature allows you to not to worry about how it will display on different device types. The tables you are creating can be used as sources for creating the charts. It’s one of the most profitable features is the ability to remark or highlight rows, cells, and columns of data in a relationship to their data.

Logic Hop

 It gives the strength to personalize the WP. This plugin offers innovative services that allow you to use real time data to target specific users that depend on their behavior. This way, it represents call to action and shows then customized content too. Logic Hop is a tool for dynamic messaging. This plugin is perfect for e-commerce websites which also increases marketing campaigns. It allows you to selectively use personalized and relative messaging to connect with users.


 This plugin has gained huge popularity that you can find it easily in several premium WP themes. Being a web professional, most of the websites you want to develop can benefit you if you are using this plugin. It will benefit you in some way if you want to use this plugin. As it offers multi purpose animation platform, it allows you to build anything using this feature like slide shows, image galleries, page blocks etc. It will allow you to animate about anything, you can even complete slider based web projects too. This plugin allows you to incorporate several features, cyclical or random properties, pop-out of slider effects etc.

Except these plugins, you can also look for Wordfence Security, W3 Total Cache, Final Tiles Gallery, Yellow Pencil etc. since these plugins have lots to offer. Most of these WP plugins provide a convenient way to perform all the related tasks.




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