Top 6 WordPress E-Commerce Plug-ins

Since the dawn of civilization, commerce always played a central role in our society. Today, in the era of internet, this relatively new concept of e-commerce threatens to take over. However, where some saw nothing but a disturbance, others noticed a window of opportunity and rushed in to assume their rightful place in this new world order. However, to establish your e-commerce website, what they need are two things. First one is an appropriate content management system (CMS) and here WordPress (WP) reigns supreme. Second thing is an appropriate set of WP e-commerce plugins. Here are some of them that are a must-have for every serious e-commerce site.


  • WooCommerce

To start from the very foundation, WP’s WooCommerce is an absolute must-have for any serious e-commerce website. When it comes to setting up a digital shopping cart this plugin reigns supreme and there are several reasons for this. First of all it has an amazing overview, and is incredibly well rated (4.1/5.0). Next, it is fully customizable and its compatibility with most of WP themes are another huge plus. In the end, its social sharing abilities are further enhanced with ShareThis and Sharedaddy making it into a universal multi-tool of e-commerce.

  • Cart66 Lite

Now, even though WooCommerce might be considered by some as an ultimate shopping cart plugin, others disagree in favor of Cart66 Lite. Namely, this shopping cart, has some great traits such as being extremely user-friendly. Needless to say, for those new to WP (even though it is quite simple to use CMS) this can be a deal breaker. Furthermore, same as WooCommerce, Cart66 Lite allows you to safe credit card payment via Mijireh checkout system, and the value of this simply cannot be emphasized enough.

  • Tickera

If you are in the event management industry or even related to it, you might want to find an adequate WordPress event ticketing system. If this is the case, then Tickera is your most obvious choice. First, this way, you can completely eliminate the middleman and manage the distribution and sales of your tickets via third party software. Not only can you in this way ensure that all these tickets will get in the right hands in time, but also enjoy the privilege of not having to share profits for their sales. A clear win-win scenario if there ever was one.

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  • Jigoshop

Another professional WP e-commerce plugin that you simply must have is called Jigoshop. For those who want to raise the organization of their e-store on the next level this incredible plugin has all you need. Primarily it offers one a multiple product options such as option to work at the same time with affiliate products, variable products and grouped products as well as downloadable digital products. Next, with it, you get a detailed report of sales, as well as reliable stock tracker. In other words, all you may need in the long run can be found in just one plugin.

  • Easy Digital Downloads

Now it is no coincidence that e-commerce is gaining so much on popularity today when more and more goods migrate into the digital world. Those selling these digital goods, need to find a way to raise the quality of their service by making their download faster and simpler. The very name of Easy Digital Download is pretty much self-explanatory. This amazing software is something that ever e-commerce needs which is why, it is one of the most esteemed and best rated (4.8/5.0) WP plugins.

  • Quick Shop

Finally, as we already explained on the previous example, your customers will certainly know how to appreciate expedience, which is exactly what Quick Shop has to offer. By being connected to your PayPal account as well as with your mailing service, Quick Shop pretty much automates your ordering system. In this way, you will be able to take orders and conduct sales at an astounding pace. This being said, Quick Shop is a great asset to your e-commerce WP arsenal.

Finally, even though you could do without some of these plugins, the fact is that you don’t have to. In the hostile world of modern business, you need any help that could improve your competitiveness and increase your chances to persevere. The right CMS, followed by the right set of e-commerce plugins might be just the thing you need in order to achieve this worthy goal.




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