6 Tricks to Optimize AdWords

The optimization AdWords is to implement changes in the structural, organizational and specific details of the campaigns in order to improve metrics Performance Monitoring , such as lower CPC (cost per click), increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) , Lower CPA or CPV or CPL (Cost per Action or Cost per Sale or Cost per Lead), improve conversion rate (conversion rate – CR), etc. … see how to improve Quality Score and CTR with dynamic Insertion keywords, the keywords in AdTexts, the use of Google Analytics, etc.

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Let’s see in detail the 6 Tricks to Optimize Google AdWords campaigns:

  1. Keywords in AdTexts to improve Relevance and Quality Level

The goal of Google as a search engine is to satisfy the user’s search experience, showing the results more suited to the search terms used in the search, showing the most relevant results to each user.

In this sense, the relevance of the keywords in AdWords is a very important factor to consider because AdWords will reward us if we have a good factor of relevance in our campaigns, giving good levels of quality (quality score) to our keywords. They improve the quality levels of keywords, improve the rankings of the ad and pay less per click, that’s the reward AdWords to get improve the quality of the campaign.

How we got to have relevance in our campaigns?

When a user does a search on Google, and this includes the keywords for which we want to be, relevance is given if these keywords of your search terms are in our campaign, the ad that appears, and the landing page destination ad.

We need to increase the relevance of Keywords.

We must also create relevant ads but understandable.

Why AdWords within the ad copy is a good trick, as they appear in bold in the ad copy, improving their visibility and ability to get the user click.

  1. Improve CTR with Dynamic Keywords Insertion (DKI) in AdWords Ads

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the most important metrics, they tell us how good our ads are. If ads are better then they will receive more clicks, and that will mean more traffic to our website.

One of the tricks to increase the click through rate of ads (CTR) is the use of DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion). This technique is to get the desired portion of the ad includes dynamically key campaign that has been activated by the search performed by the user word.

Thus, if they work well the keywords level ad group, so as to achieve a good consistency of the structure thereof, it is able to improve the relevance of the keyword within the ad, which also appear in bold to match the search term. It is for this reason that this technique improved ad groups with keywords in matching phrase or exact. By improving the relevance, we will improve the Quality Score of keywords in our campaign.

If we use the technique of insertion Dynamics Keywords must take into account the type of keywords that we ad groups, because if we misspellings, they would come out in the Ads.

We can use DKI in any part of the announcement, taking into account all the possible variations that can occur in ads, and doing tests to evaluate the final result.

In case you do not perform diagnostic tests ads with DKI, and we use this technique in Line1 or Line2 the announcement could be the case that we have an ad with a copy in singular and keyword inserted by DKI appear in the ad in plural, so the ad appears misspelled, a fact that may cause the user does not choose and also lose credibility by this fact.

The solution to this problem is simple: If the ad group is only the keyword in the plural, change the ad copy to plural. If the Ad Group is no singular and plural keywords, change the use of DKI or segmenting keywords into groups singular and plural in order to avoid errors.

  1. Incorporates Call to Action (CTA) in the sitelinks

The Sitelinks or AdWords sitelinks, the links are displayed in AdWords ads, under the 2 lines of text, activate Extension sitelinks in AdWords.

Sitelinks is possible to create 10 per year, with a maximum length of 35 characters. This ad extension is only displayed in ads whose position is 1, 2 or 3.

When using the Extension site links in AdWords we must keep in mind that the links should be to landings other than our website. Google Policy about the sitelinks AdWords has changed, because before you could have the same landing destination for all sitelinks.

Because Top3 positions AdWords have more visibility than the others, it is a privileged place in the rankings which is increased by the fact of having the ability to display sitelinks.

Being configurable level campaign messages sitelinks should be correlated with the keywords and ads, as it cannot be that an ad showing a sitelink not go in the same direction, focusing the user to the conversion on the site.

CTAs or Call to Action are elements that draw attention to us and encourage us to perform a certain action, such as pressing a button or click on an ad.

To take advantage of sitelinks to the fullest, we must incorporate copywriters that are Call to Action (CTA). Thus the same sitelink will be a powerful claim in order to achieve the desired user click.

  1. initially higher bids to get good positions

When you start a campaign, you should use the bid strategy with high CPCs, in this way get good starting positions, and this will bring traffic from AdWords. Once the positions are good, the next step is to gradually go down bids controlling the average ad position, so that we can keep good paying positions without being over the account.

If your campaign does not have a good structure and quality levels are low, this opening gambit will be ephemeral success, because after having good positions but start to lower CPCs to find the optimum point that some CPCs are profitable you keep good positions, your ads will be harmed in good positions that had succeeded, because your campaign does not have the right quality for AdWords will reward maintaining good positions that had succeeded.

You have to bluff with AdWords at first.

You have to trust us giving us good positions by high CPCs.

It is very important to optimize well your campaigns to get good levels of quality, since this way you will be paying less for good positions. It’s the way you have AdWords to reward good campaigns, making get more traffic by having good positions, and at a lower cost. More traffic at less cost. That is the gift of AdWords.

  1. Use Analytics for Keyword Research

A very important when carrying out factor optimization tasks Campaigns PPC is to have control of web statistics, by accessing, for example, the panel of Google Analytics, that being free is best implemented in all sites.

We can extract data from Google Analytics to improve our AdWords campaigns are useful, which is why it is very important to have properly linked accounts AdWords with those of analytics. In many cases this account linking is not set, and when statistics analytics traffic sent by AdWords campaigns comes as (not set) .

It is noteworthy that, besides having to link correctly accounts AdWords and analytics, we must not forget to select the automatic labeling of URLs in your AdWords account.

To make the tracking of PPC traffic generated from other platforms like Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, etc. we use URLs tagging’s, We can use the URL Builder Google Analytics for this purpose.

To view these data analytics, we must go to the section of Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Campaigns. 
As Google AdWords has a delay regarding Google Analytics, we can see earlier in analytics searches that are using users to access to our site via AdWords, and this detail is important in large accounts, since analytics discover unwanted word being cast from AdWords and fix the problem in time can mean significant savings in budget.

One of the advantages of using analytics is we can track searches performed by users, to thus see search trends and extract positive and negative keywords to improve campaigns, avoiding unwanted impressions in AdWords and incorporating new keywords discovered in Analytics.

There are many synergies to exploit between analytics and AdWords, and many optimizations improve their effectiveness if used analytics to draw conclusions.

  1. Use remarketing campaigns segmented by objectives

The Remarketing is a technique by which it is marked with a cookie to a user accessing a particular web page, and navigate the Google Display Network, you will be impacted by the Campaign configured Remarketing ads.

When you insert a JavaScript code on a particular page of our website, when a user accesses this page is marked with a cookie remarketing, who then identified as a user marked by remarketing for that landing, and will be impacted by campaign ads remarketing when surf the google Display Network, which compose all pages that integrate google AdSense ads, which are the supports using google AdWords to target your ads on Display and remarketing.

The possibilities of remarketing campaigns are many and varied, as depending on the characteristics of our web we be interested in making a type of public who have accessed a particular section, and later impact it with ads that contain a certain message, segmenting the message types for the particular section of the web to which the user has accessed.

The idea is to set different goals for your remarketing campaign, and trigger ads with a specific message according to the desired for that target audience specifically, in this way we can target much better messages face to capture back to that user who agreed to our website and did not complete the conversion, i.e., they did not send us your details in the contact form or not satisfactorily completed the purchase process had begun.

So much for the 6 Tricks to Optimize AdWords campaigns. There are many more and also a lot to discover, because the optimization is a continuous learning process through the testing and evaluation of results, which is one of the best ways to learn new optimization techniques.

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Do you have comments about the 6 tricks shown here? Feel free to share with us your comments, criticisms and contributions, as well as the tricks that you like to Optimize AdWords!