Beginners’ Guide To PPC (Pay per click)

Are you hesitant in setting up an Adwords PPC Account? Scroll down to learn the basics of an Adwords PPC Account.

Make sure you have a website in place with sound traffic on it and a defined PPC strategy and goals.

PPC advertising can be successful with budget as little as $500 per month to over $100,000 per month. All you need is a list of properly refined keyword. Keyword research plays a vital role in building a successful campaign. Keywords are the search queries customers use while searching for a products/services. When a customer looks in for the keyword you have bid for they will be shown your Ad.

Keywords Mining– To make a keyword list think like your customer. Identify the core words and phrases from the website, include the branded terms as they tend to have a high conversion rate and lower cost per conversion. Use plurals and synonyms as well. Use Adwords keyword tool to unveil more keywords that fits in your business. Use variety keyword tools to filter keywords. These tools are free and paid both.

Tips for mining keywords:-

  • Focus on quality keywords. These should be relevant to your products or services.
  • Don’t be too general or specific.
  • Use brand names.
  • Use keyword match types for exposure or even if you want to limit impressions.

Club all the keywords into stacks of adgroups. Capsule relevant keywords under one heading. Structure all your adgroups into campaigns. You can have upto 20,000 campaigns in an account, Upto 10,000 adgroups in a campaign and upto 50 text ads in an adgroup.

Setting an account- Set the geographical locations where you want to show your ads. Set the language you want your ad to reflect in. You can target or even exclude locations.

Set the networks where you would like to show your ads on internet. Now as per enhanced campaigns the campaign runs on all devices by default.

The most important is setting a budget and bidding. You need to set your budget wisely else the entire budget blows away in a swoop. Budgeting less will be of no use. Budgeting high would be heavy on your pocket. Somewhere in the middle is the perfect daily budget.

To determine the budget take your total budget, divide it by the number of days. Split it out amongst the campaigns. Keep testing the campaigns.

Google Advanced Settings allow you to choose ad delivery options. You can opt for ad rotation which allow Google to show them more evenly. This is chosen strategy as it makes a/b testing easier and offers more control over your metrics. You should also look in for Optimization for clicks and Optimization for conversions.

Ad writing- After thorough keyword research and structuring campaign tightly, you need to lure searchers to click on your ads, land on your page and give the conversion. Relevant ads and properly optimized landing page helps you achieve the desired ROI and leads.

Character Limits of an Ad-

  • Headline: 25
  • Description Line 1: 35
  • Description Line 2: 35
  • Display URL: 35
  • Destination URL : 1024

Before ad writing know your brand and products and the audience you want to entice.

Tips for writing effective ad text:

  • Your ad copy should contain attention grabbing titlethat makes your ad stand out amongst the competitors.
  • It should include an appropriate call to action.
  • Include a keyword in your ad. It is favourable to ad a keyword in the title and description as well.
  • Include the offers you provide and other unique selling propositions.


Ad Settings: here is a brief rundown of ad settings.

  • Delivery Method:  You can define how quickly your ads are shown. It can be either the standard or accelerated delivery budget method.
  • Ad Rotation: you can choose to rotate ads so that each ad gets opportunity to be shown and you can test for the best performing ad. After ads have been running you can optimize for clicks or optimise for conversion.
  • Ad Scheduling: you can schedule your ads by bidding less/more during certain hours. Also, you can turn bidding ad entirely for poor performing times.
  • Frequency capping:  You can limit the number of times your ad is shown. However, this setting is only available on Google Display Network.

Account metrics: Quality Score of each keyword and click-through rate are the biggest ensembles in the calculation of Ad rank. A high quality score help you achieve higher ad position and lowers the CPC. This helps in stretching your budget further.

Payment Options : You can bill with Google in two ways

  • Postpay method – here payments are made after you have ensue advertising costs.
  • Prepay method – here you pay in advance of receiving clicks or impressions.

Conversion Tracking:  You can track conversion by placing conversion code snippet. It can be done by placing a cookie on user’s computer. Google credits your account with a conversion if a correct match is made. A purchase, sign-up or lead is termed as conversion.

Now you are ready to get set your PPC Adword account!!!!




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