Keywords research for PPC campaign

Keyword research forms the cornerstone of a successful PPC campaign. Keyword is a search query that user looks for. Mining a right keyword results in clicks and conversions. Keywords need to be selected wisely, using brain and tools as well. For targeting right audience you need refined and organized keywords.

Brainstorming a PPC keyword list include researching the landing page thoroughly. Extract relevant keywords from there (product & services offered). It can be combination of  brand terms, generic terms, competitors keywords or related terms.

For example you sell sports gear. Your keyword list should be like..

Sports gear

Sports gear shop

Buy sports gear

Sports gear center

Sports gear sports

Nike sports gear

Red sports gear

Best way is THINK LIKE YOUR CUSTOMER, his need. Start with broad keywords. Include variations and synonyms. Make a list of these keywords. Make them plural as well. Reverse the order of the keywords.

Sports gear shops

Sports kit

Sports kits

Sports gear centers

Shop sports gear

Center sports gear

Use concatenation technique. Use long tail keywords for specificity. Use how can…??, how to…?? where…??

Expand your list using keywords research tools to determine their search volume and competition. There are various tools available both paid and free. Search for as per your requirement. I advise using Google’s keyword planner.

High volume and low competition keyword is a wise choice that give you chance of more clicks and low budget. Avoid keyword with no search volume or very high competition as they would blow up your budget in a swoop. Discover new terms and prune low performing keywords with them.

Sort and organise your keyword list into small groups, packing them tightly according to their relevancy. These groupings form ad groups.

Measure the performance of each keyword from time to time. Trim your keyword list and add more keywords into it if necessary.

Using these keywords create compelling ads. Make a list of negative keywords as well. These are the search terms you don’t want to your ads to show for. For figuring negative keywords think of what customers you want to avoid for example you don’t want the person looking for the fabrics suitable for making sports gear or a person interested in knowing about the permits and licence or franchise of a sports gear company. Your negative keywords list should include




Permit etc.

Also keep an eye on search query reports. This way you can easily filter the keywords unfit for your account. Club them into right match size for better results.

If you master in wise keyword mining, you make a great base for your PPC campaign. Good luck!!




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