How to Use Emoji in Google AdWords Ads Titles?

It is now possible to use emojis in Google AdWords. Unfortunately, no one knows how to go about it. But by implementing the right PPC services, this new trend can have a positive impact in Google AdWord campaigns.

Use of emojis within Google AdWords is now possible. This should get you excited despite the fact that there is no official statement from Google that it has rolled out the use of emojis within AdWords. Now how to fix the emojis in AdWords is where the hurdle is at the moment. Fortunately, tech savvy marketers have actually figured out how to add emojis in their AdWords. They do it as part of their PPC services. But what does this mean as far as SEO is concerned? Does it change anything? Read on to find out.

Easy searching

There is no doubt at all that this is by far the most exciting news in 2017 for website owners, digital marketers and SEO gurus. Its full impact is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure though: users can now conduct searches using different emojis. Webmasters on the other hand can track the trends and performance of all emoji searches, thanks to Search Console. In a nutshell, the impact that this new trend has already made is positive.

Keep in mind that there is a caveat that comes along with Search Console. You cannot track query levels of emoji performance listings without web users having typed the emojis in the first place.

CTRs and Emojis

Google has now altered its ad label in a bid to make paid listings look like organic listings. This is big for anyone who wants to take advantage of emojis. It means placing emojis within PPC ads will significantly increase CTRs for listings. This is a win-win situation as it also means Google will eventually increase its revenue.

The benefits

Mention emojis and the first thing one is likely to think of is social media, community forums and messaging applications. It takes interaction to a whole new level. In other words, you can use emojis to visually complement ad text or communicate the mood of the text or even the landing page with an emoji.

What statistics say

One of the main perks that come along with use of emojis within Google adwords is the fact that it improves CTR of paid listings as compared to listings that don’t feature emojis. It therefore goes without saying that improving the CTR of your PPC ads can have a positive impact on quality score. It can also lower CPC bids and increase PPC competition. In a nutshell, use of emojis in AdWords now presents a golden opportunity to start ups and even existing businesses to reach out to their audiences in an engaging and interactive manner.

The Takeaway

Use of emojis may sound cool. That is because it is an informal way of passing your message across. This does not mean that there are no best practices and guidelines around this new trend. Miss out on the practices and Google just might find out and penalize you.

First off, conduct A/B testing. This should be done on two separate ads to enable you monitor the performance of each ad. Then keep in mind that your use of specific emojis depends on your niche. Entertainment and amusement parks or any service that kids enjoy will benefit more than other industries. You don’t have to feel left out if you are not in any of these industries. All you need is to be creative with your AdWord campaigns.

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