Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is process by which we create reputation for a website. In it, online reputation management, or ORM as it’s known, is the tradition of making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. Your online reputation is your image on the internet. ORM is used for re-established your image on the internet. Its process are first you have to rank down your negative review. Published your positive review. Ask customer for review your website.

ORM Process

First step is search your high performing keyword and find content for them. if you find anything wrong then start orm for that keyword or term.

In orm we create some blogs according to our business.

Internal linking for your positive pages must be very strong. If we do internal linking strong it helps us in two ways. First is it create links and second user can find our content easily.

Share some positive review on website and social media platform.

Improving tagging and titles (on page optimization) of company published articles and content.

Create and submit press release for Brand promotion and for news of website and product.

Published article about your topic.

Don’t do  (Ignoring the customer).


Why is ORM important for business?

Potential customers are changing their decision by reading reviews.  When these reviews are spread across around the web these are impact on your website, Or product sales It will impact your brand. So we should do quality review for us and it would be good for sales and website health.

What is my online reputation?

If you want to know that what is my online reputation it is divided into two categories.

  • What is your content on the web.
  • What other posts about you on the web.


In the first category everything is included about your website.  What you share about your website and your content of the website, Comment, Blog post, Social media shares.

In second category all content is posted by consumer, your sales traffic and other visitors.


In general overview my opinion is trust is the major area where we have to focus. If we work for trust not for impression then we will see that after some time we get genuine reviews from customers and that is the best part of the reputation. It will build your online reputation very strong and if we look for the impression not for trust it impact but not for long run process after some time it will break and you have to rework on trust. One more suggestion is here we can do work in both area impression and trust it will increase your  traffic and sales. But first thing is trust major area is trust.




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