Off Page SEO tutorial

SEO Off Page Optimization (Off Page SEO tutorial)

Off page, optimization is a technique which is used for creating quality links (Editorial links). We can create following type of links and build ranking for our keywords. With the help of off page we can build our main keywords ranking and also improved our website referrals traffic. If our off page is good then We have good quality links from different- different domains. Impact of this technique is our website referral traffic will be improved.

Business listing

You can list your business in business listing websites.

Links via Guest posting

Guest post links are very valuable if you do in right way. with the help of guest post our website referrals traffic improved. On the web, there is lots of bloggers and websites those are having guest post program. If you give then good quality content and insert relevant links into the post, Then your post will be accepted and that blog/website post audience is your audience. Find out the blogs relevant to your business. Those blogs are accepting guest post. You can check the following query  for finding the guest post.

“How to find link building prospect”

Profile listing

Profile listing is the major task for off page SEO, If you are doing Off page submissions then try profile listing. Profile listing helps to improve the profile presence and improve the referral traffic of the website.

Broken link building

Find your broken links and fix them. This is very good technique it helps you in ranking and improving your website health. Broken link building is the latest technique for Off page SEO.

Link Building

The major part in SEO is off page, That is called as link building.  There is various ways to form link some of them are following

1-      Profile Listing

2-      Directory Submission –  Check Directory submission sites list

3-      Social Bookmarking  – Find Social Bookmarking sites List

4-      Articles Submission Try this tool for article rewriting tool . You can create article via article rewriting tool.

5-      Classified Ads Submission.

6-      Blog Comment – Blog commenting is important metric for SEO off page optimization. If we are doing good blog commenting then you will got high traffic and referral link also. So try to do good blog commenting for off page optimization.

7-      Forum Posting

8-      Search engine submission

9-      Video Submission – Video submission is the new technique in off page optimization. Earlier SEO persons are not doing video submission but now most of the SEO company try to build video submission links.

10-   Answers (Yahoo, Quora…)

Above 10 ways are normal submissions which any SEO company can do but following 7 ways of link building are impact on search engine ranking huge.  Like as infographic submissions, Interview submission in these link building we have to research specific blogs and web related to our industry and work on their editorial calendar, According to their deadline for submission and quality of the submission. In my next article, I ‘ll discuss, about these link building technique in detail and also discuss Digital marketing. From my opinion these kind of link building is white hat link building. Please have a look at following link building technique.

11-   Infographic Submission

12-   Interview Submission

13-   Website review Submission

14-   Participate in awards

15-   Guest Posting

16-   Cross-linking

17-   Press release submission

If we work on these link building technique and choose the anchor tag in proper way (Some links on brand some links on keyword focused and some links on normal general words) Then we can have good search engine ranking.

For link building check out the following article

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How to find link building prospect

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More Detail about Off Page SEO Tutorial

Below are some techniques which every seo person used in SEO, I added this in off page seo tutorial because it helps other SEO persons,

1). Resource Pages
2). Broken Link Method
3). Regaining links
4). Claiming links
5). Links roundup
6). Guest posting
7). Sponsored posting
8). Blog commenting
9). Forum Posting
10). Directory submission
11). Video Submission
12). Audio Submission
13). Image Submission
14). Document Submission
15). Infographic submission
16). Social bookmarking

The above 16 off page seo submissions techniques helps to improve the ranking of the page. In the above list my fav are

Broken link building, guest posting, forum posting, video submission.

Broken link link building is the part of off page seo. For broken link link building we need to find out the list of broken links for the site. Once we gather the list of broken links via any tools then we have to sort them according to priorty. Those links have high page rank and good quality links we need to first reach out those sites. Once we fixed those links then we have to move on the other remaning links. If you find some sites where your competitor links are broken then you can reach out those also. You have to just say to author hey your this site link is broken I give you the link of live site. which is working fine please update.

Try Small SEO Tools

After the above list we have to learn about how SEO work for our website?