10 things to do for a start-up website

Guide for A start-up Website

Hi everyone hope everything is fine in this post I ‘ll discuss, about things to do for a start-up website. Once you launched a new website you need to do lot of things for increasing traffic of the website. For improving sales revenue for improving subscriptions. Following 10 task can improve your website health and traffic to your website as well.

1-      Keywords Research- Keyword research is the first step after live your web site. Find the best keywords which are given traffic to your web via Search engines. For keyword use tool like Google keyword tool, Wordstream, Keywordtool.io and other paid tools.

2-      Content –Content is the king of the website every page should have fresh and attractive content  if possible please write your all content in small paragraphs. Small paragraph users can easily read and small paragraph also engaging. You have to write your page content according to your page keywords. Once you update your  content in according to your page keywords then you will get ranking for that page. Result of this technique is you will get traffic for your page.

3-      Title Tag- Every page of the website should have their title tag. Title Tag should have keyword but in a proper language format and also indicate the page intent. Title tag tells to search engines that what is this page about.

4-      Internal Linking- You have to implement internal linking in proper way that makes sense.  For example, if your website is travel related your hill station page should link to honeymoon place page. Or a medical instrument related web that will link to medicine related page. That is good internal linking. Try to target keywords in internal liking. One note is here if naturally internal linking going then implement. If not possible don’t force it.

5-      Heading Tags- Web page main keyword which is pulling traffic from search engines must have in H1 mostly H1 tag is single on a page. We can take multiple H2 Tag on a web page.

6-      Alt tag- All images of the website should have alt tag because Search engine robot doesn’t read image format robots only read text alt tag. If alt tag is implemented on the image then Image search is good for us.

 7-      XML sitemap and URL list- For a start up website create an XML sitemap and ulrlist.txt because sitemap introduces the website structure and URLs to users and search engine bot. This helps us for crawling of the website.

 8-      Google Webmaster tool- For the website health GWT must be implemented on the web. It helps us for impressions data and click data. With the help of webmaster tool we can improve our website traffic. For more detail click here

 9-      Robots.txt file- robots file properly implemented on the website, Major Search engines follow the robots instruction. For more update check here

10-   Google Analytic Implementation- We have to analyze traffic of the website. If we don’t have the data about traffic then we can not analyze it properly. So for proper data analysis and growth hacking we have to implement GA code in the website. After the code implementation we can analyze the data. How much traffic we are getting? What is the source of the traffic growth? Where we are lacking? Data related to countries.

Above 10 points are very important for every website. If we do the above 10 task then we can see that our website is growing very fast. With the help of these technique we can improve our traffic of the website and also improve our website sale. So these are the 10 thing for generating revenue from a website.

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