10 Ways for increasing traffic of website

This article can help you to improve traffic to your website. Following 10 ways are awesome for improving traffic, these ways helps my website for improving my website organic traffic, So why not yours?

For increasing traffic of the website we have to follow some guideline from Google webmaster tool by doing this, we can get rank in Google search and increase organic traffic.

1-      Page Speed

Page speed is very important for improving our website search ranking. If page speed is high then website ranking is up. We have to improve our website load time for improving search engine  ranking and traffic to our website.  Check here for How to improve page speed score for the website.

2-      Author Bio

For bloggers and magazine owners we suggest that include author bio section in article’s, include photo in your author bio section it increases your article traffic 60 – 80%.

Next question arise in your mind is that how it increase your traffic to your website? Answer for this question is if we add author bio in the article then users attention go to the author section if he/she like the article then he start surfing more article related to that author & he/she surf the website with author name. If he/she is in your blog/magazine section then search result give answers with your website link. So always try to include author section in the website for improving traffic to the website and improving engagement to the website.

3-      Design of website

Use clean design and quality layout of the website. Having good user experience is a great achievement. If our website design is good and users like it then we will get social media shares/ tweets. Impact of this increases the traffic of the website.

4-      Quality and engaging content

Produce quality and engaging content. Try to publish series if possible. Series have lot of potential in engagement. For content use simple language, If user easily understand the content of the website then he/she can share your content on his/her social media platform.

5-      Social media shares

Use social media icons for sharing your content on social media platform. Millions of people use social media platform everyday by sharing content we can increase our blog/article visibility. If our article gets high- number of shares then that page search ranking is also improved. Impact of this is search traffic increased. So social media helps to improve social traffic and organic traffic as well.

6-      Comment Discussion

Use comment discussion any reader can comment and ask the questions. Any user can answer. It will create engagement for the website. Impact of this technique is engagement improved.

7-      Internal Linking and Link Building

Website internal linking must be proper every web page of the website link to the other relevant web page. If we talk about articles after completed the article we have to set some related article (from same category) at bottom of article it create engagement and increase website traffic. Find new prospect for link building and create high-quality links from other sites. It improve Google search ranking and improve traffic.

8-      Google webmaster tool analysis

Google webmaster tool gives us data about impression. GWT gives us list of keywords those having impressions. Here we can analyze keywords those are having impressions and doesn’t get clicks. If we improve CTR (click through rate) for those pages then website traffic also increase. Check out pages with avg search position. improve their search position then you will get the sudden hike in traffic. for more detailed analysis about Google webmaster tool please check here.

9-      Call to action button

Every page have its own goal. So if we want to complete goal for the web page then we have to set proper call- to -action button for the page. like sign up button, Newsletter subscription etc.

10-   Create Community 

Create a community according to your product, Community engages users and helpful for customer acquisition. It improve engagement of the website. Community also improve traffic to our website. So always try to build community if possible.

Above are 10 ways for improving traffic of the website. If you want more info about SEO then check our SEO Tutorial.




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