3 Link Building Tools to Build Links Like a Pro

Earning links are getting harder by the day. Google keep saying create awesome content that will get natural links. But any SEO worth his salt would no that without promoting and reaching out you’ll get very few links if any.

Of course the story is different if you’re an already established player in the niche like Inc Magazine, Business Insider, Forbes etc. But for upcoming bloggers and small businesses getting actual editorial links is extremely hard.

Fortunately there are tools available to search marketers to simplify things and get better results. In this article I will discuss 3 such tools that I personally use and will definitely help you become a better search marketer as well.

Open Link Profiler

One of the most powerful back link analysis tools I’ve come across recently. And I use quite a few for my various clients. Right now its free to use. You don’t even have to register to run the first few queries.

As well know nothing is free on the Internet. Here also they are up selling their comprehensive link building suit which includes link management and many other things. But that shouldn’t deter you from trying it out.

What I like most about the tool is its interface. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and makes it easy for someone who isn’t very experienced with SEO.

Once you enter a website for analyzing you’ll be presented with a dashboard which includes things like total active backlinks, unique active backlinks, backlinks to home page and many other useful information about the site.

But the really powerful thing about back link analyzer is its ability to filter backlinks according to follow status, industry, context, subdomain, link title and plenty of other things. Also they have a unique thing called LIS which stands for “Link Influence Score”.

What this does is consider different factors contributing to a backlink and give it a score. For example a link from a site like Forbes will have a LIS of around 90% while a link from a irrelevant forum have a LIS about 3%.

Imagine doing a back link analysis of a competitor with about 10,000 links. This this feature will come in extremely handy. As a practice when I’m doing backlink analysis of a competitor I only look for links which have a link influence score of at least 30%. This way I won’t be spending time creating meaningless back links with low value.

They way I’m singing praises you might think I build the product 🙂 . I’m in no way affiliated with it but I urge you to try it. You can thank me in the comments later.

Drop My Link

The name might sound a bit shaky but this is another powerful tool you need to have in your SEO toolbox. The concept behind the site is simple but the value it provides is tremendous.

You need to create an account to start using the service. Its also free and there is no hard up sell. You do get occasional emails mentioning about various other products.

As I mentioned before the concept behind it is simple. It makes it easier to find SEO footprints so you can quickly find sources to get links. You just have to enter you keyword, select the type of link you want and the footprint you want to find.

The categories include comments, forum links, guest posts, link roundups, resource pages and even donate pages. And the footprints include Comment Luv premium, Do follow comments, Livefyre, Intense Debate and keyword Luv. Sure you can do this by typing in search and using search operators. But the convenience this tool offer far outweighs the time spent on using operators.

Google Alerts

I’m truly amazed how few search engine marketers use Google alerts for their link building purposes. Its a great way to track your competitors or any other keyword you’re looking to build links for.

With Google alerts you can get a notification as soon as something is picked up by Google. This is usually the best time to leave a comment and contact the blog owner because they are actively promoting it and looking for any interaction with the article.

If you’re the first or one of the first to leave an valuable and insightful comment on the article it dramatically increases your chances of getting traffic too. And if that article happens to rank for a competitive keyword you have a lifetime traffic sources for a few minutes of your time.

Listed above are some link building tools I personally use to simplify my link building work. I hope you find them useful too. If you know of any other nifty tool that will simplify link building make sure to mention it in the comments.

Try Backlink maker tool




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