5 ways to learn SEO

SEO is the task that is mandatory for every online business, because you can not improve your online presence without seo. Following techniques can helps you to understand the SEO concepts.

1.Read everyday blogs

 A better way to read blogs, You need to subscribe the SEO blogs, Then you will get the emails from blogs. Find out the best blog post that will improve your knowledge. Next question is how to find the better blog post, You need to analyse the title of the blog post. If you understand the title of the blog post then you will find the best blog post.

2.New Implementation and testing

SEO is not the any task that define that you have done task A and need to do task B. Every time you need to be creative and implementing new things and test them weather they work for your business or not. Try new ideas related to tile rule implementation.  If you find that after changed your title then your website pages impressions is improved then it make sense it means your testing is in right way. If you find that your website click and impressions data going down after implemented new title then you learn something related to title and testing is worth.

3.Always try to read case study

Case study improves your seo knowledge. If you want to learn about any task then find out the question related to that task, You will get the case study read case study that will improve you thinking power related to SEO.

4.Give time to Google analytics and Google search console

You just need to do one task here, Only serve every day Google analytics tool and webmaster tool. Review their metrics and find difference, For example what landing page is giving us, What kind of the data Google search console click metrics gives us If you serve them for one month you will find the difference between these metrics. Every metrics that is mention in these tools you just need to serve if you don’t get these only try to read about these metrics what they are giving us. Then the picture will be clear for you. After 10 days the interest will be more and will become the god seo player

5.First Understand the advice from SEO Guru then apply it on Your website

If any seo forum and seo guru gives you the advice about any task then please do not apply it on the website immediately. First you have to search it on the other forums then analyze the task  and its suggestions . If you found that advice on other forum also then apply it on to your website. Then annotate it on to the Google analytics account. After some time then compare the metrics in Google analytics if your found that your website traffic / sales revenue is growing then It means your implementation is right.


If your are a business owner then you need only to understand the SEO. Because most of the task we have to verify before implementation. You Just need to know the basic knowledge that, What is title tag, Why we use title tag, What happened if we remove the title tag. So these things you have to know before starting the online business. Find here more article on SEO Tutorials.

If you are fresher and want to crack an interview for SEO, SO read the following interview questions.

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