6 Ways Blogging Proves Itself an Effective SEO Tool for Businesses

To SEOs and webmasters, it’s no secret that blogs are a great SEO tool in helping a site gain more exposure online. Online businesses, however, may question the benefits of a blog to their business.

Well, for any online business questioning just how powerful a blog is to helping a business stand out from the competition, here are six ways a blog can make your business shine online:

Become visible to search engines

Blogging helps increase the search visibility of a website due to the proper use of keywords throughout blog posts. In fact, companies that blog actually receive 55% more web traffic than companies that don’t – and that’s a fairly significant amount of traffic.

Lure in audiences with fresh, valuable content

Search engines crave fresh content, which a frequently updated blog provides. Fresh content helps a site get recognized by search engines and influences web audiences to come back to a blog. Also, by maintaining a consistent blog, businesses can keep web audiences informed of the latest product or service, or news related to the business or industry. Of course, blogging is more than just dishing out the latest information; it’s about turning readers into customers by providing valuable information. In fact, 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog.

Direct traffic to your site through internal linking

Linking back to pages on your website helps direct web audiences and search engine crawlers to your site. Of course, the pages you link back to should be relevant to the blog post in order to avoid throwing off readers. This is a great way to encourage web audiences to check out your site.

Tag posts for web audiences and search engines

An important part in blogging that some may overlook is the correct categorization and tagging of a blog post. The category determines the URL of the post, helping web audiences and search engines learn what the blog is about. The tags essentially serve as keywords since these are the words that are frequently used in the post and help determine what the post is about.

Build business credibility

A blog helps a business build credibility. Customers can get to know a company through a blog, helping to build a climate of trust and establish a relationship. Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn stand as the top three sites where marketers are active, research shows that they plan to rely more on blogs to connect with customers.

Take advantage of the simplicity in blogging

Maintaining a blog is extremely simple and it can be updated at any time and from virtually anywhere. Businesses have the ability to not only post content, but links, videos and pictures, as well, all of which capture the interest of web audiences and can be enhanced for SEO purposes.

So, if your business doesn’t already have a blog, now’s the time to get started and blog your way to SEO traffic.