SEO techniques to determine which of them are good for long term success

As we all know, SEO evolves every now and then. There are strategies that continue to dominate the internet while some are not as effective as they were before. Generally, marketers continue to experiment different SEO techniques to determine which of them are good for long term success. That is why there are changes in practices to execute SEO strategies more efficiently.

Although changes may be around the corner, SEO will remain an important factor. Marketers can improve their rankings through a guaranteed SEO, it boosts their online presence and brand recognition, and it gives authority and credibility to the contents they have. Moreover, creating engaging contents would mean nothing when you don’t have the right SEO strategy. Overall, a good SEO strategy brings a great impact on the marketing industry.

In 2017, we will explore SEO that would probably dominate the marketing industry.

  1. Video content will overtake written content in ROI for B2C Industries and Brands

Basically, content is king. But today, written content is already considered as the “Standard” way of giving information, although some marketers would insist that including different formats of content is a good idea. However, if you look into the side of your audience, they would prefer visuals that a mere text. Yes, images and infographics may help improve their behavior when engaging the content. But there’s nothing more interesting and engaging when you go for a video content.

Basically, your audience has limited time to spend in reading articles. However, moving images can grab their attention and would spend at least a minute for it. And mind you, a good video has a brief and precise content, which can make their target audience understand even for a short presentation. Yes, video content may be effective than the other strategies. But B2C brands without updating their video content regularly, this will also soon considered behind the times.

  1. Mobile optimization will become more important than desktop optimization

Although Google gave emphasis on mobile geddon in April 2015, this strategy is proven to be effective up to this year, considering more and more consumers are using their smartphones whenever and wherever they are. Moreover, this made marketers realize that there is a bigger variation between the mobile searches than the desktop search results.  Eventually, these improvements will pave the way to a new dimension of optimizing websites for mobile users.

But there’s a caveat, though, optimizing your website will also depend on the devices. There might be content that is not applicable to a specific type of device. That means you have to make sure that your website will look good on each user’s device.

  1. Digital assistances will change the way we think about search queries

Yes, we may get hundreds to thousands of answers for our queries. But the real question is, did you find the right answer for it? Good news is, modern search engines such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, have become active in receiving more and more queries from online assistance. It doesn’t just give you the answers that you need to know, but it is also one of the easiest and convenient way to have the information.

Unlike the typical way of searching, modern search engines only need a spoken language to know what you want to do. With the right keywords, this experience will get you to a whole new trend that would result in a conversational content.

  1. Social content will be more readily indexed

When we talk about the internet specifically social media, whatever you post online will appear in your mobile search results. That means, all the activities you do online will automatically save or indexed in the vaults available to Google and other search engines. Your social posts will appear on every web page. With this, marketers took advantage of it and continue to update and posts new contents on their website. Yes, this doesn’t just boost your brand visibility online, but this is also one way to gain quality traffic from your target audience.

However, if you fail to promote your content or website regularly, then this will also become blur from an SEO perspective. Using of an SEO Strategy in every content is an important thing to consider for it will help boost the visibility and credibility of your website.

  1. Good and simple keywords, more direct search answers

If you have noticed, Google automatically provides you the possible answers you might want to know whenever you type something on the search engine. That means if you want Google to recognize your website, make sure to include simple and common keywords that your target audience possibly use. For instance, if your website is all about laptop reviews, then “laptop reviews” might be the keyword most audience type on the search engine.

Moreover, a good keyword will have direct search answers for your target audience to easily find your website. Don’t make it complicated enough for them. This will lead to them to find better websites than yours.

  1. Always remember the importance of website speed

As we all know a good speed is everything. From the connection of your net to the website’s speed gives a great impact to your consumers. Generally, a good website is not enough. Your audience needs a good service through a good website speed. As a marketer, if you fail to recognize this kind of flaw, your audience will gradually shift to other websites that could give them the services that they need. Who would want to stay on a website where they need to wait for the content to load? Right?

In order to achieve the right speed, you need to think about how to optimize your website without compromising its speed. And as a marketer, you should know of all people the importance of a good speed to your website.

Basically, SEO will continue to update every now and then whether you like it or not. There are factors that you need to adapt for you to be able to keep up the pace in the marketing industry. And if you are still struggling, then don’t forget the basic and important thing when doing a guaranteed SEO.



Rommel Zambrano

A blogger and a digital marketing enthusiast. He’s currently working at Optimind Technology Solutions, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that provide different kinds of services such as SEO, web design, mobile app development and much more.