9 Ways SEO can boost your Holiday Ecommerce Traffic

It is not a new thing that search engine optimization is a crucial step for recently launched businesses. But for developing SMBs, being diligent in maintaining your SEO is quite important.

SEO may not be one of your first priority but when it comes to preparing the festival season. Make it sure that no matter how the size of your business is but SEO is never complete. Instead, SEO needs regular attention with pre-calculated trial and error.

To rank higher and conversions when it accounts most, begin the process before the festival season. We have collected some of the best practices that would help you to update the process as soon as possible and promotions are seen in this holiday season.

Analyze Where You Are

Before you modify the tags and purchase AdWords, analyze your SEO. Without having a quick look at your search performance, you can do something more harm than good.

Explore those pages that have more views and longest time on the page from Google Analytics. You can also check these results with your keywords. This would give you an idea about how you are doing.

Remember to focus on optimizing pages which are performing in the middle of the pack.

Know your keywords

You might already have the top keywords for business. Still, forming some specific keywords will always help you to attract customers searching for a particular product. Search into Google Trends reports to learn which search terms are often used.


Hint towards What’s to Come

To start early, tell the customers about what is going to come next. Though you have not fully finished your online merchandising, use ‘coming soon’ pages to build links and to gain ranks.

Write Now, Not Later

Once you have some specific keywords, it might tempt you to write blog until later in the holiday season. And also try to publish the content 45 days in advance that might help you to be involved in 90% of the search traffic.

Be Smart With Your Links

SEO is about both internal and external links, which increases your credibility of your content and the chances that lets people to find you on page. And also make a note of those pages that are doing well previously. To build your external links, use the holiday season to blog outreach.

Create Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides offer a wide range of products shoppers are likely to search for or will share on social networking sites. And also the advertised gift guides would decrease the number of clicks between your homepage and product pages.

Aim toward Google Shopping

Trying to feed your product into Google Shopping is one way to gain views from buyers and to improve the loyalty of users. Not just that Google Shopping feeds to have a higher conversion rate than other PPC, but they too have a low cost-per-click.

Revisit Your Load Times

Even a single second delay in page load time can decrease the customer satisfaction by nearly 16% and the conversion rates by 7%. You can also cross check the page’s performance by visiting the Site Speed tab to monitor the load time in Google Analytics. To revisit the load times of page performance use the holiday season as a reminder. Your photos could be the reason for load time lags. To compress larger images use a converter tool.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

It is more important for businesses to stick with Mobilegeddon’s responsive mobile site that are necessary for this holiday season.

Nearly twenty-five percent of shoppers make purchases using their Smartphones and seventy-five percent of shoppers use mobile devices to research products. So before the holiday starts, make sure that the store is ready to handle with mobile devices.

There is no deny that the holiday season is the time where both online and retailers are busy. However, don’t make this as a reason to let your SEO performance go down. Spend some time to check the ranking of your website on Google and in case, if your search results are not up to the level then make updates to make the site better.

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