Basic SEO Interview Question and answers

In this post we will discuss about SEO interview questions. If you want to learn more about SEO then check our other articles on SEO. First we will discuss brief about things to do before SEO interview.

Things to do before SEO interview

We have to first learn SEO properly. When we done with preparation. We have to check profile. Then check out the JD (Job description). Once you reviewed the job description then check out,  Are you comfortable for that JD or not. If you ready for that JD then learn more questions about SEO. Following are some questions related to SEO.

Q1  What is SEO

Ans- SEO stand for search engine optimization.

Q2 Why We do SEO

Ans- We do SEO for improving our website health and its keyword rankings. If our website keyword ranking improve in search then our website traffic will be improved.

Q3- What is On-Page SEO?

Ans- On page SEO is something on the website, If you are changing title tag, meta description of the website these are called on page techniques Check here more.

Q4 How to find Keyword?

Ans- On web lot of keyword tools, We can use those tools to find keywords. Google also have a keyword tool. Some of them are, Word tracker, Word stream and many more.

Q5- What is Meta Tags?

Ans- With the help of meta tags we shows to search engine that what is this about?  Title, Description, keywords tags are meta tags.

Q6 What H1 tag and How many H1 we can use on a single page?

Ans- H1 tag is stand for Heading tag, In  SEO best practice we have to use only 1 H1 tag on a page.

Q7- What Google analytics and how to add its code on website?

Ans-  Google analytics is a tool which is used for tracking the traffic on the website. We can easily implement it You can check here

Q8 – What is Google webmaster tool?

Ans- Gooogle webmaster tool gives us data about website health. For more you have to check more articles on Google webmaster tool here.

Q9 How to check Google index pages?

Ans- You have to use a command in Google search box then you will get the numbers of index pages.

With the help of above operator we will get the number of index pages. We can also check this data in Google webmaster tool.

Q10  How to Find 404 not found Pages?

Ans- Google webmaster tool gives us the data about 404 not found pages with error pages also. Try not found page checker tool

Q11- How to find Organic Traffic?

Ans- Google analytics tool gives us the organic traffic data. We can easily find the list of URLs those are getting traffic via organic search.

Q12- What is Backlink?

Ans- Backlink are incoming links to you website from others. If someone write an article and link to your website then you get a backlink from that website.

Q13 What is keyword Density?

Ans-  Keyword density is percentage of times a keyword or phrase appeared on a web page compared to total number of words on that page.

Example-  If a keyword is appeared on a web page 3 times and that page have 100 words then its keyword density is 3%.

Q14 What is Cloaking?

Ans- Clocking is the procedure of using some deceptive techniques which allows the user with a different version of the website than that presented to the search engines.

Q15 What is robots.txt?

Ans-  robots are used to stop search engine crawler for index their website.

Q 16- What is robots.txt?

Ans- Robots.txt is a file which indicate to Google, Whether it have to index or not. Try this tool for robots text generator

Q 17- What is CTR in Google webmaster tool?

Ans- CTR stand for click through rate. We can check our website organic ctr with the help of search analytics tool in Google webmaster.

Q 18– What is average search position in Google webmaster tool?

Ans- Average search position shows us the data regarding. Average search ranking of all search quires.

Q 19-  If I do my website SEO then what kind of traffic is improved?

Ans- If we do SEO for our website then our website organic traffic is improved.

Q 20- What are the popular SEO tools?

Ans- In SEO world we have lot of tools, some of them are following

Q 21- What is keyword stemming?

Ans- The process of finding out the root word from the search query is referred as keyword stemming.

Question- 22  What is 301 redirect?

Answer-  301 redirect is the permanent redirect. It helps to passing the link juice and decrease the not found URLs.

Question 23- How 301 redirect decrease the not found URLs?

Answer- 301 redirect decrease the not found URLs because, If we do not want a page on the website then we have to delete that page. If we delete the page then the web page will go to not found URLs. If we 301 redirect that URL then page not found doesn’t come. So that’s why it decrease the not found URLs.

Q 22-  Give me the list of good SEO blogs?

Ans- Following are some good SEO blogs

SEO Interview Question and answers

For more info check SEO Tutorials. This helps you lot.




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