Detailed Introduction to SEO

What is SEO

When we enter any query or words in a search engine, we can get a list of results which is related to that query. Most of us will visit only the top web results which are listed in the Search engine. The process of making the websites to list in the top pages of Search Engine is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO helps to find and rank your website in the higher pages when compared to other sites. Thus SEO helps you the traffic for your website. By increasing traffic, you can increase your business.

The tutorial which is given below will help you know the basics of SEO, how it works and the different ranking criteria among the search engines.

Working of Search Engines

The first one to think about Search Engine is that it’s not a human. Humans enjoy seeing pictures, videos and hearing music in the website. But search engines will go through the text in the site to know about the site. This is not exact as search engines will perform many activities to give web results like crawling, calculating, indexing, retrieving, processing and relevancy.


Search engines first crawl the website by means of a crawler or spider (Googlebot in Google) to see what is in the website. These crawling spiders follow links from one to other page and index everything whatever on their way. There are more than 20 billion pages on the web. So, it is not possible to visit every page by a spider. It will only crawl the new pages or the modified existing pages.

You must know what the crawler sees in your website. As mentioned earlier, the crawlers only see text in your to know what is in your site. They do not see any images, Flash videos, frames, JavaScript, directories and password protected pages. If you have many media files, images on your site. It can be made viewable to the crawlers by mentioning the name of the image in the Alt text option. This option is available in all kinds of websites.



After crawling a page, indexing of content is the next step. A page which is indexed is stored in a vast database, so that it can be retrieved later. The main process of indexing is to identify the words that best describes the page and assigning that page to a specific keyword. This kind of tasks is not possible for a human to perform. Sometimes, the search engine also fails in getting the meaning of a page. But we can help the search engines by optimizing it, so that it can classify our pages easily which is very useful in getting higher rankings.


When a search engine receives a query from user, they process it by comparing the search strings in the query with the indexed pages which are stored in the database. If more pages contain the same search strings, the search engine will start calculating relevancy of each page’s index with search strings.


Many algorithms are there to calculate relevancy. These algorithms have different relative weights for some common factors such as keyword density, meta-tags or links. So, why for the same query, different search engines show different results. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc will periodically change their algorithms. So you must also adopt your pages to meet with the latest changes. This is the reason why SEO is to be done periodically to make your website visible in the pages of search engines.


The final step of search engine’s working is to retrieve the results. The search engines will display the pages from the order of most relevant to least relevant sites.

Differences with Major Search Engines

The basic principle of all search engines are same, expect the minor differences which makes them to show their lead in result relevancy. Many different factors are important for different search engines.

Many examples are there to differentiate between search engines. For Yahoo and Bing, on-page keywords are important while for Google, links are very important. Google gives first preference to the older sites. But Yahoo shows no any particular preference for sites. So you must wait for a long to rank in Google other than Yahoo.



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