Ecommerce SEO

For an e-commerce website, we have to be very careful.  Because its SEO is not just a normal 5 pages website SEO or a blog SEO. Every e-commerce website has lots of product pages and its category pages.  Following are some assumption to do for Ecommerce SEO.

Keyword Research For Ecommerce

Keyword research is the first step to start optimizing the website. Make sure to give proper time for keyword research. Now the time is divided into two part first part stand for competitor research and what key terms they are using. When you are done with some data from competitor research then start to focus on our keyword strategy.

For product pages try to target the specific keyword and to go for broad keyword match. If someone is searching for fruit mixer then not to target fruit broad because Apple, banana, these are also fruit and keyword match is “Apple fruit”, “Orange fruit”. If you are not targeting your all keywords are product pages and in website, then build a blog and target all remaining keywords in the blog post.

Find your keyword with InRaMS Keyword suggestion tool.

Avoid Keyword cannibalization  

Avoid keywords cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization is a term it occurs when multiple pages of the same website are rank for same keywords.

Website Categorization (Structure) For Ecommerce

Web site categorization or you can say website structure it should be very clear to user or search engine crawler. Create every page and its child category pages after that every child category goes into its parent category.  Then create segments for its structure first when you designing your category page or product page put popular product category and most and top rated product category there. Following structure can help you to do better categorization.

On Page Issue

In on page optimization every product page must have its meta tags (Title, Description, Heading tags)

Do keyword optimization (Every category and product page should have keywords in his title and heading tags.)

Website Internal linking – Do relevant internal linking, Blog post should link to product page like if any blog post is related to summer T-shirt then T-shirt product page should link that blog post with anchor text  “T-shirt”.

We have to avoid following on page issue in E-commerce

  • Target proper keyword to product pages.
  • Lack of product description
  • Avoid duplicate page title
  • Avoid duplicate page description and heading tags

Do the following

  • Optimize your product image
  • Show product review to product pages
  • Show social media icon to every product page.


Use Breadcrumb for site navigation

Create proper breadcrumb for the upper half of your every page. With the help of breadcrumb user and crawler can go to other relevant product pages. When you are done with it will appear in search result also. Use for proper integration.

Enable Website Internal search

Every time enabled internal search of your website, it will help you in what is user demanding, Create more product pages those are user search in your website.

Website should be Responsive

If your website is responsive then its usability is improved, Everyone can get its view from any device this line can improve your traffic and sales as well.

Website should be fast (Page speed)

Keep an eye on website speed performance if web page load time increase then product sales goes down. If a web page takes more than 3 sec to load then the user will go back and find the new website so it is very critical issue. So every time try to improve website speed performance.

Try InRaMS page speed checker to track the speed of the website.

Link building and broken links For Ecommerce

Link building is most important factor for search ranking. For doing link building first to find out link prospect then start to approach then for links. You can read here for link building tips.

Link Building Guide

Editorial link building

Tip for Broken link

The Broken link is very harmful. If you want to check the broken for the website. Then try InRaMS Broken link finder tool. This tool gives you the list of links those are broken.




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