Editorial Link Building

Link building is the process by which we can improve our website ranking and our website referrals traffic. With the help of editorial link building, we can improve our website referrals traffic and our website google search ranking. The impact of google search ranking is we can get more sale if we are an eCommerce company or if we are a service based company we can get more leads. If we are a software company then we can improve our software subscription. So try to build editorial links. We have one article on how to improve referrals traffic read that, that also indicate we need editorial links.

Why editorial link building

Google says that if you are creating links (editorial from high-quality websites) then it will improve your traffic and search ranking.

Your referral traffic improve

You search ranking improve

Your brand awareness increase

Guest posting is the excellent way for creating links. For editorial based link building use guest posting.

Following are some websites those are accepting guest post and give you editorial links

Top guest blogging website

Editorial link building process 

Editorial link building is not an easy process. It takes time and value. We have to build relationships with editors. If we create quality content then probability of winning is more. We can also say natural links are also editorial links not all but most of them are editorial because if someone give you link without any profit then hopefully it create value for users. Let’s say if someone write about 10 tourism website and you have mention there so that link create value for the user it is called editorial based link.

Ist step

Find authoritative website

Find the authoritative websites some of them are

Readwrite.com, Forbes, Mashable, Huffington post

Following post have the way for finding link building opportunity.

How to find link prospect for link building

When you done with your research then select your category where we have to post.

Try Backlink Checker tool to find the backlink of your competitor website.

2nd Step

Content creation

This is the most important part of editorial link building. Before creation the content, we have to find the topic. For finding topic check Google trend to research trending topic. It will help you for better content creation. When you are done with your topic then research “How people write about your topic”

Chances to win

An article related to help

Or a News article

Or a Funny engaging topic

How to guide

3rd Step


Outreach is little bit hard as compare to other portion. For outreach find editors and send him/her a pitch email with samples of writing and brief info about your pitching topic.

After that wait editors reply. If he/ she sends you some correction then correct and send it back.

Or if he/she does not reply then again send a reminder email

Reminder email should be like

“Hi Editor

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to follow up on my previous email…….blah blah  …”

I hope you get my all points, I ll publish another article with more research.

Note- Real relationship can create editorial links

Relevancy play an important role in editorial link building.

Once you have a good relationship with editors then you have to send them articles for improving your score on that website. For big website like forbes, readwrite you have to engage editors with your profile. Do not put links every time in the article. If you send articles normally according to trend then your profile will be improved and your article gets good amount f traffic. you think that why we do this? Answer for this question is we have to build our profile strong on the website. If people love our article then our article traffic get good jump. Effect of this community/ website editor wants you to submit more articles.

If you want to know more about seo then read our SEO tutorials.




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