Google introduces ‘Search Analytics’ in Webmaster tool

Google finally launched what we were waiting for years. Yes, Search Analytics report in Webmaster tool. It is a great layout that is user-friendly and gives more insight data.

As per Google reports, mobile search wins over desktop search in 10+ countries. The basic idea was to fetch the influence of Mobilegeddon  roll-out in terms of data.

To see the impact of mobile update, look for ‘Search Analytics’ under ‘Search Traffic’. It is believed to replace Search query report in a short while. Search query report is probably the most used feature of webmaster tool. Search Analytics allows you to break down your data for precise perusal. You can see Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position on a different axis on a same plane. Read below for brief information.

  • It facilitates you with deeper filtration of keywords on different platforms. You can filter queries; compare the two queries with respect to incurred Clicks, Impressions, CTR etc. This lets you know how many people searched you with that particular keyword.
  • Similarly, you may filter pages and compare two filtered pages. Type in any URL you want to see the performance. You will be shown detailed insight data.
  • It even allows you to sort these by country or devices as well. Choose any country where in you want to measure your performance. You can even compare your status in two countries.
  • You can proceed further with more awesome filtrations by diving deeper. Say, you can trace how well you are performing on any particular device, desktop, mobile or tablet. As well as you can relish the comparison between devices.
  • Next come search type report. This is what we were anticipating for long. This interesting feature allows you to look minutely for parameters like Clicks, Impressions etc from Web, Images or Video. This was hard to quantify otherwise. This feature allows you to optimize where you lack or what is your prominent source.
  • Next feature allows to set date range. You can fetch the data for a period and can also compare it to the previous period. You can as well customize it according to your need.

Overall, Search Analytics analyzes your performance on Google SERP. Simultaneously, allowing you to filter and compare for better understanding.


Search Analytics report is assumed to be more accurate and well calculated. Search Query report is believed to be available for 2-3 months more to allow ample time for users to switch over to new and amazing feature.

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