Guest Blogging for SEO

Guest blogging is the major part of link building now but it should be very high quality and relevant. Because some of low-quality website is giving you link back by guest blogging and take some amount. If your article is high quality and unique content then it should outreach to relevant and high-quality website.

Major Brand Penalize by Guest posting

Google head of search and spam “Matt cuts” told in his blog that there is lot of websites are doing guest blogging for target their goal like number of link gets from different domain. Those websites are penalized by Google. One big brand Myblogguest is also penalized by Google because that is the platform where people are getting links and meets bloggers for link building by taking package.

Google’s View on Guest blogging

Here is a video about Google‘s view on Guest blogging here Matt says that high-quality Guest blogging with quality content is exists which is not for link only for sharing valuable information.

Tactics How to do right Guest posting

Here are some tactics by which we can do guest posting in right way and engage users and build relationship.

Have good relationship with blogger

Publish content in relevant blog

Do not think about links

Think about series because people are engaged in series and it creates your brand.

Do not publish your content on that kind of blog those only think about content.

The author profile also have g+ and twitter link that indicate that author is a real person and it build your authorship also.Google says about authorship they improve the SERP ranking of those content which have good authorship.



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