Guide to creating the perfect combination of SEO and social media marketing

Managing the marketing front of any business is a daunting task, but with the changing times, the methods of marketing are changing as well. There are different types of marketing methods which you can rely on, and if you are new to the working of SEO, then you can always seek professional help. The digital marketing front these days is relying a lot on social media marketing as well and hence if you need any help related to marketing; the social media is a good place to start. There are different types of social media accounts which you can rely on, and one of them which are noted for its marketing use is Instagram. There are approximately 6 million active users of the Instagram account every month, and hence this is a very potent platform for promoting your business. For all those who are looking for business management help, the Instagram account is a great option for that.

Different types of SEO related work

There are several types of tasks related to search engine optimization, and if you are new to the working of the digital marketing world, then you need to brush up your basic concept of the same. There are many types of SEO works which can be done through the social media accounts linked to your business as well. The users of the social media accounts can always handle the search engine optimization related needs with the help of the Instagram account by syncing the Instagram with your business. The Instagram account can be used for business purpose, and here we are going to provide certain tips which would help you reap the maximum profit from your business with the aid of the Instagram account.

Separate account for your business on Instagram

Do not use your personal Instagram account for business promotion. Instead, use an entirely separate account for managing the business you own on Instagram. The account should have fully fledged information about the business but nothing related to your personal life. You can add some personal details which are essential and which your prospective clients would need to get in touch with you. But the primary focus should be on the products which your company makes and promoting them through the business account that you have on Instagram. The search engines would be able to locate your website very quickly when you have a business account promoting and get traffic to the company website through it. Also, do not forget to place the company website link in the bio of the Instagram page which you have created for your business.

Use proper hashtags

When you are using the Instagram account for promoting any business, you own you would have to upload images related to the firm since Instagram is a thoroughly image-based social media platform. The best way to ensure that your image and the business page are easily found on Instagram is using proper hashtags which are trending and which people are likely to search for. There are several tools for finding the appropriate hashtags for your content, and you can use them to find which would be the right hashtags for your business. Do use hashtags which are relevant to ensure that you can reach out to the target audiences and the traffic that you get on the website is of proper use to your business. You can give up to thirty hashtags on an individual post and ensure that you choose the best thirty hashtags there is the type of post which you are uploading. Also, give a proper and catchy caption which would give your target audiences an idea of what they are to expect.

Likes and comments

The followers for Instagram likes and comments on the posts, and this too can be used as a potential promotional method. When you upload an image related to your business, search for images which are recently uploaded with the similar hashtags and randomly like the most recent posts. It is likely that they are online right now and some of them would like back your post. This way the post would not get lost under the other new posts coming up and stay up in the search engine optimization ranking as well. You can also like images and uploads by your prospective clients on Instagram, and this too would help you with getting noticed by them. Leaving a subtle, genuine and relevant comment on any of their images and uploads too would help similarly. Some of the users are likely to check out of curiosity that mentioned and then go through your profile. If they like your profile enough, they are likely to get through the products and even get in touch with you regarding them.


There are many different social media platforms which you can opt for, and if you are new to the world of marketing, you can always get professionals to help you out about it. One of the best choices for marketing with social media is the Instagram account, and some people opt for doing so to ensure that their business gets the maximum promotion possible with the minimum investment. The followers of the company profile are the necessities for the advancement of the enterprise. Hence it is important that you ensure that your business account has enough followers in the first place. It can be concluded that the tips provided here can be used for doing so and you can rest assured that the business account would get the best exposure when you follow these tips.

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