How to find Link Building Prospect

Link building is the technique that can help to improve the ranking of our keywords. If our website keywords ranking is improved then our website sales revenue will be increased.

If our website has good link from authority website then our website referrals traffic will be improved.

If our website traffic is improved then our website branding improved. So check out in the following article how we can find link building prospect on the web.

General Directories

Hi here i discuss about methods for finding new prospect for link building, for finding general directories we can use following terms by following terms we find directory and some marketplace where we can add our product services, software and get a good link with a relevant website. here is terms please check.

Command for Find Link Opportunity

Keyword + “submit site”

Keyword + “submit url”

Keyword + “intitle:directory”

Keyword + “intitle:resources”

Keyword + “directory list”

Keyword + “inurl:list”

Keyword + “intitle:list”

Keyword + “inurl:directory”

Keyword + “inurl:resources”

Keyword + “add url”
For checking competitor link we can use following search term and find new prospect and some prospect where we can submit and somewhere we suggest our product, service, software.

Link: competitor link here or try InRaMS Backlink checker tool

Link: (competitor link here) submit

Link: (competitor link here) suggest

Or we can use some tool like Open site explorer, ahrefs these tools also helps you to find links of your competitor and with quality of the links with domain authority by checking of domain authority we can analyze the link is helpful for us or not.

Find press release use following search term use

Keyword “Press release”

Keyword “submit PR”


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the best technique to build quality and relevant links, If you do guest blogging in right way then you will get success. Success in terms of your keywords will get rank and improve your website traffic and sales revenue. Find guest blogging opportunity submit following terms.

Keyword “write for us”

Keyword “Guest blog”

Keyword “Get involved”

You can also check the list of website those are accepting guest post  check here. These are good blogs  you can get good links from here.

In the above article, I only discussed about search terms which are use in search engine and find prospect for link building. In my next segment, I will discuss about SEO tools and how to use them for link building 2015 and get some valuable links for increasing our brand awareness.

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