How to improve Organic traffic to my website

Organic traffic is the key metrics for a website. With the help of organic traffic we can improve our website total traffic.  Before starting this article I have to clarify what is organic traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is that traffic which is came from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, Duckduckgo…etc). If your keywords are ranking in the search engine then you will get the traffic. So that traffic is called as organic traffic.

Where I can check my organic traffic growth?

With the help of Google analytics we can check the organic traffic to a website.

In Google Analytics where I can check my organic traffic?

In Google analytics go to Acquisition then go to Organic then You can easily find the total number of traffic and with numbers you can find the landing pages those are sending traffic to your website via Organic.

How to improve organic traffic

Now the question is arise why I am giving this information. Instead of this I have to give you the task list for improving Organic traffic.

Answer of the above question is whith the help of this data we can improve our website organic traffic. This will helps us a lot I will explain below how?

Things to Do for Improving Organic Traffic

Keyword Research

Ist thing is keyword research, Start with keyword research with high volume. Once you have done with your keyword list according to your business. Then start to filter it in two segment. Ist segment is High volume keywords, second is business intent keywords.

Start marketing according to them. With the help of high volume keywords, we can improve our website organic traffic.

Update Meta Tags for web Pages

After keyword research then the next step for a website is update the meta tags (Title tags, Meta description, Heading tags) according to those keywords.

Generate meta tags.

Content Optimization

Now the next task is content optimization with the help of those keywords we have to optimize our page content (Properly inserted keywords in the content) If we don’t have the content then we can write our website content according to those keywords.

Internal Linking

Internal linking shows our web site anchor tags it is not help, as much as other as do but little bit do. Internal linking of the website improves website engagement. In analytics, you can find it in pages/session metrics. If our website engagement is improved then Google counts it as positive factor. These kind of positive factor improve website ranking.

Link Building

Link building is mainly works for our website ranking improvements. If our website ranking is improved then organic search traffic to our website will be improved.

Once we done with the above tasks, We will improve our website organic traffic. But is it good enough. No we have to do more work around organic traffic. Next work starts with your analytics guy. Previous work is for marketing team.

Analyze your website link.

What analytics guy do?

He can play with numbers and add some value to the website.

Google analytics Analysis

Once we start the Google analytics analysis, Then we will find the organic traffic numbers then we have to find the landing pages.

What kind of pages are getting organic traffic in our website?

If can easily find  the answer of this question then we can add more pages. Here we have the growth metrics.

Keyword metrics- Google analytics is not giving keyword data but little bit about keywords is giving.

We can on those keywords.

Google webmaster tool Analysis

Google webmaster tool gives us the data around Avg search position, Search queries, impressions, Clicks.

With the help of avg search position we can improve our website ranking. Here find out the list of queries those are not  getting good search position work on then improve them then our website organic traffic will be improved.

Google webmaster shows the impressions data, Find out the list of pages, List of queries those are getting good amount of impressions but not getting clicks. Work on them improve theor ranking by quires and by pages. This work will definitely improve the organic traffic  to the website.

How to improve pages?

Every page has list of queries. Check out them then check those queries are in your web page content or not? If not then insert those terms into your content it will improve your website impressions and clicks. So we can say the Organic traffic is improving.

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