How to improve Page Speed Score For a website

Website page load time is a major issue that affects the rank of website. In the following post we will discuss tips to speed up your website. Amazon did an experiment that every 100ms delay in website load time 1% sales of website goes down. So sales point of view and traffic point of view for both we have to improve our website page speed.


Choosing the suitable hosting is first step for starting a website. Because server should be good for better page speed of the website.

Domain hosting checker

Clean Website

  • Remove unused file from css
  • Removing unnecessary elements, It will create a simpler hierarchy, and it’ll be easier to see how you can write your CSS.
  • Clean images.
  • Remove those pages of the website, Those are not getting traffic. If you remove those pages then your website junk will be removed. Result of that process is your website is improved after improving your website you will get good traffic.

Minimize HTTP request

  • For minimizing a HHTP request we have to do following steps.
  • Combine multiple style sheets into one.
  • Avoid using script in website. If it is necessary to use, Please take it at bottom of the page.
  • Reduce Server response time.

Enable Compression

Large pages of a website are taking time to download a page. Solution for them is compression (Zip them).

Enable Browser caching-

When you are surfing a website it take time for download first time after that if you revisit the page that page is open immediately. Reason behind that is if you enable browser caching your browser can load page without send HTTP request.

Optimize Image and Plugins.

  • Optimize your all images according to their size and format. If we have 1000 images and after optimization we save 10 kb for a single image then we will get the 10*1000 means 10000 kb size for the images. It will improve our website page speed and performance also.
  • Reduce Plugins for a website. Try to find the plugin for the website that will work for multiple task. Also check the plugin reputation, Plugin have downloads or not?
  • Reduce redirect of a website. Because it create a new http request for a browser.

Optimize Database

Add an index to your website. It will down your website load time and increase your ranking.

Tool for Checking website load time

Benefit after improve your load time.

  • Improve Website overall ranking.
  • Increase your sales revenue
  • Traffic improvement
  • Improve engagement

If we improve our website page load time then we can have above 4 points. These four points can change our website ranking. They will improve our Alexa ranking also. Chek your Alexa rank here




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