How to recover from penguin update

Google penguin update is related to links. Penguin update totally launch for website backlink profile.

If a website is penalize from Google penguin update then its ranking and traffic of the website is drop. Cause of Google penguin update is website owner is doing aggressive link building.  Penguin update is first time introduced in April 2012.

Those webmaster are creating unnatural links penalize by penguin update. If website have links, those are creating only for search ranking, Links are not coming from relevant websites are called unnatural links. following image shows the penalty.

penguin update

Recovery Steps

Link Detection

First step is link detection find all external links those are linked to your website. For link research we have to find first tools those provide us backlink profile. Following tools can helps us for find backlink.


Moz opensiteexplorer

Google webmaster tool

Bing webmaster tool

Majestic seo

With the help of above tools we can find backlink of our website. Then start to categorize according to quality. Check these links on domain level. Those domains are low quality put them in a separate tab.  When you done with your link segmentation according to quality like low-quality links, High-quality links, Paid links

Check website anchor text distribution


Keyword focused


If website is having more than 40% link with keyword focused start to down the number. Ideal ratio is

Branded  30%

Keyword Focused  30%

Other  30% Like Click here, read more

Outreach to Webmasters

After segmentation of links start outreach to webmasters (low-quality site webmaster) explain them that please remove our link from the list.

With a nice email template

“I am trying to remove some backlinks pointing to my website, [INSERT YOUR URL HERE]. 

 The reason why I want this removed is because I am revamping my website. I tried disavowing the links but Google insists on solid proof that we have made an effort towards link removal. 

 I would really appreciate your help in removing this link. 

If they agree from your email and remove your link that is well n good. Or if they do not reply you, Try to outreach them again, If they are not replied again then try to outreach their social media profile. If we don’t get anything from there also then put them in disavow file.

Create a Disavow file

Create a disavow file and include into it

Not found error

No followed links

Low-quality backlinks

After creation of disavow file submit it in Google webmaster tool.

After submission of reconsideration request wait for 1 month to 3 month until Google send you any message.

If Google decline your request then again try the above process this time try to remove your low-quality backlinks. If you are successful in removing 50% low-quality backlink then the chances of removing penalty is high.

Best of Luck !




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