How To Use Google Webmaster Search Analytics Tools

Google brings in Search Analytics, the much awaited tool for perfecting websites

After creating the entire buzz, Google has finally launched its new report in Webmaster Tools known as the Search Analytics. Especially for complete newbies, this tool will tell them what is taking place in their website. Google Search’s result henceforth will be taken to the owners of the website offering them with an all-inclusive analysis of the presence of their website and indexing. Webmasters until now were provided Search Query reports that comparatively was minimal information which comprised a view pertaining to their site’s content from a user’s point of view. But with Search Analytics webmasters will get a wider approach concerning this information.

Help webmasters make the utmost of their traffic analysis

For every website owner having a deep understanding with respect to how users find their website as well as how their write-ups appear on the search results of Google is crucial. This data until now was seen in the report of the Search Queries that is the most utilized characteristic in the Webmaster Tools. In fact over the years, listening to people’s features requests and feedback was the trend. People longed for a tool with the help of which they could compare traffic both on mobile phones and PCs, compare metrics in varied countries or even in two varied time frames. Luckily Google has heard them all and has finally happily announced the latest report in Webmaster Tools; the Search Analytics that will enable webmasters in making the utmost of their traffic analysis. This report will help one in breaking the search data of their website and thereby filter the same in myriad ways for analyzing it more precisely.

A perfect tool for perfecting websites

The latest entrant, the Search Analytics report incorporates multiple features that users for long have been yearning for namely the ability of comparing different countries metrics, the ability of comparing mobile and desktop traffic and so on. One can break down as well as segment their data any way that they wish to with the aid of this Analytics report that will pave the way for a more accurate analysis when it comes to their search traffic. Equipped with novel and improved features its ultimate aim is in helping webmasters analyze and become aware of the performance of their website in the search results of Google with data regarding CTR, impressions, clicks and above all their average position. They can also make a good comparison of metrics utilizing search property, devices, countries, pages, queries and dates. Definitely the Search Analytics tools will prove in being a perfect tool for perfecting websites preferably for online marketing. Isn’t this great news for white label SEO companies?

Search Analytics utility- at a glance

  • Search by country– a webmaster with the help of this tool can search the countries where their website is searched maximum and accordingly filter the same by brand name, prior to grouping results for showing a sorted impression list by area. As per Google, this latest Analytics report will allow one in accessing data which is more exact in comparison to the data they had in Search Queries because this will be differently calculated to how it had been previously. The old report however will be accessible for those who require to use it
  • Marketing that is driven by data– Search Analytics will allow a webmaster in making the utmost of the data produced by the websites. Today data has turned immensely crucial in every area of business with marketing having no exception. In fact any marketer who learns the ways of analyzing data effectively and taking action on the same certainly will win out. Search engine giant offers Analytics and Webmaster Tools to aid with this. Along with being free to use both are equally powerful tools. The data generated from these can assist a webmaster in making changes to their site, strategy of the content and much more to boost up sales, leads and traffic. Data that is gathered and analysed correctly will possess the power of making a big impact when it comes to one’s Return on investment and marketing sales. Marketers with this in mind should strive in doing whatever is within their means for ensuring that they are capable of making the maximum of this tool which is available to them. The use of analytics is going up with its presence being increasingly felt in social media, search and other platforms. To ensure that every marketer obtains the maximum from paid advertising as well as other effective marketing activities, making data analysis as a component of their ongoing approach is essential
  • Reading the report– as a webmaster enters the Webmaster tools they will observe the new Search Analytics report which will be visible in their dashboard. At the top portion of the report, they will come across a variety of metrics that they can choose through the checkboxes. For altering how the data will be grouped, one just requires to choose the grouping property like countries, pages, queries and so on. This way they can continue further in filtering the data as per their needs
  • A big push towards mobile– all across the world mobile devices are widely utilized for internet access. Today there are very few people who do not own a cell phone. Considering this scenario, there has been a massive push in the last couple of years in getting every website mobile-friendly. Adding to it is the technological improvements that enable one in connecting with users better on a local stage and it is clearly understood that businesses which ignore mobile is undoubtedly likely to lose out. The latest update however has not experienced a huge effect while there are no reports too from big websites stating that their ranking experienced a sudden hit in comparison to what one generally observes in the outcome of a huge update. As per a search-metrics report it has been stated that there are a couple of losers and winners, yet nothing has been heard regarding any brand which has been largely hit
  • Improved web usability– the Webmaster Tools have been receiving this update for quite some time now, with the original beta being opened to testers this January. This tool is available for free and is truly invaluable to gain insight into the usage of the website and to track the warnings of web spam from Google itself. Search Analytics also offers a mobile usability feature that will help to pick up any flaw associated to mobile UX. If one’s website for instance has any viewport problems or the touch components are very close then such glitches will be visible in their dashboard together with the pages on their website which it affects. Truly this is an exceptionally useful feature given that Google’s latest update was all about website performance and mobile usability. Webmasters with the help of this tool can check what the issue is right away, the pages it affects along with what requires being carried out for addressing it. They can then analyze each page further which is picked up to have a mobile inaccuracy utilizing the wonderful mobile-friendly test tool

Google Analytics- the ins and outs

This is amid the most largely utilized web analytics application. With Google Analytics one can get the below mentioned information,

  • Visitor Reports– under this category one can avail the following information,
  • The total visitors that one’s website has. Besides, it will also help in specifying the number of returning visitors and new visitors
  • Total time that their visitors generally spend on their website
  • Websites that referred the visitors to their website
  • The website visitors geographical location
  • Total visitors that landed on their website and immediately left
  • Total number of pages that their visitors view
  • Conversions– the rate of conversion for the goals one set on their website
  • Content– under this category one can avail the following information,
  • Pages one’s visitors often leave their site
  • Web pages which brings them more traffic
  • Web pages their visitors often visit
  • Keyword details– Under this category one can avail the following information,
  • Keywords that produces maximum sales
  • Keywords that bring traffic to their site
  • Keywords that keep their visitors to their website for long
  • Web traffic reports– under this category one will learn about the total number of visitors that visit their website on day to day, monthly and annual basis. Besides this will also offer one’s traffic stats to preceding years

The 4 measurements offered by Search Analytics

Google’s latest Search Analytics will offer webmasters the option of showcasing these 4 measurements within the graph,

  • Position– the standard position within the search results with respect to every appeared keyword
  • CTR– CTR or Click Through Rate and clicks per impression by 100, which means it will help one to calculate how often their title is clicked and as a proportion (percentage) of the total number of times this is shown
  • Impressions– this will show a webmaster the total number of times their website’s description, title and Meta-tag have appeared in the search results of Google, irrespective of whether it has been clicked
  • Clicks– the total clicks to one’s website from Google

Helping one understand Search Analytics in greater details

Under the aforementioned 4 measurements offered by Search Analytics every web master will now have the flexibility of filtering or displaying by an assorted range of criterion. By clicking on these, they can check the following data,

  • Dates– along with helping one to select from quarter, month, previous week to a custom range it will also allow them in making a comparison of 2 varied date ranges
  • Search type– this will help one to check visits from the users searching for images, web or videos
  • Devices– this will help to show visits from mobiles, PCs and tablets and also help them define the significance of a responsive design for their website
  • Countries– one can figure this for themselves
  • Pages– this will help one check which pages on their website are visited. Some pages often will result in maximum traffic, thus one should pay attention that these pages read well and also have a wonderful design. For filtering the results to merely some pages, one should click pages, come down and click on that particular page they wish to filter, then tap queries and come down. This way they can see the keywords which apply merely to that page. Besides filters can also be added manually via clicking on the drop-down arrow below every heading
  • Queries– this will help one to check the search terms that is entered into Google that is the keywords their SEO campaign is creating results from

Having the flexibility of viewing all this information as well as adding filters for just showing data for particular sections of one’s website will allow them to easily check what the vital areas are for concentrating on and also where their SEO(Search engine optimization) campaign is going on the right track or which areas needs more work.

Innumerable company websites over the years have been surviving based on Google’s Webmaster Tools as these help in making their site more mobile-friendly after what web masters lately are calling Mobilegeddon. Following the aftermath, majority of the websites are striving hard in fixing up their sites. A good percentage of major organizations have fared really well after the changes but others to be more precise small companies are falling behind. With an effort to help websites in remaining with the changing algorithm parameters, Google Webmaster Tools finally introduced the Search Analytics Tool with the help of which one can simply set up goal based analytics as well as measure their bounce rate from particular pages which includes their existing and new landing pages. The most recent update to Google’s Webmaster Tools will definitely make it more user-friendly. The integration of Search Analytics to one’s SEO campaign will boost up their site’s performance manifold and keep it relevant for search. This will add up to the list of valuable tools for every SEO company in India. Hope it turns into a prized possession for SEO newbie and pro alike.




Through this article, Sophia Smith has brought into limelight how SEO news and updates have turned into an integral element of marketing for online businesses of all types and also how updating the news as per the latest updates on SEO will prove beneficial.

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